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Sailing Musicians upon a yacht, upon the seas we sailed. When one day sailing on board our ship, through a storm we had to prevail. The storm took us and threw us, and tossed us around. It bumped us and blew us. It soaked us and shook us. .

The Preservation

The Preservation is a blend of vocal harmonies, driving guitars, bouncy pianos and an amalgam of American music that has come to define Austin bands in the past decade. With a repertoire that is clearly influenced by early 60's girl groups and chamber pop as well as the psych and garage rock from that era, the band also focuses on composition and songwriting that creates a modern sound. The band
has released two LPs since their formation in 2009. The self-titled "The Preservation" recorded in a home studio in 2010 and "Two Sisters" recorded in 2011 at Public Hi-Fi in Austin, a studio built by Spoon drummer/producer Jim Eno. A forth coming EP recorded at producer Danny Reisch's (The Bright Light Social Hour, White Denim, Shearwater) East Austin studio is due for release this Spring.

est. 2009
Austin, TX

The Resonars started out in 1992 as the brainchild of guitarist and chief songwriter Matt Rendon of Tucson, Arizona. Rendon, in fact, had adopted the "group" name as a tribute to a '60s Tucson band of the same name, which had featured his older brother, John Rendon. Rendon's four-track recordings -- made at his own Coma Cave home studio -- were a blend of moody, introspective psychedelic pop, folk-rock harmonies, and garage rock. Rendon continued to record on his own, and in 1998, released the first Resonars album, on which he had four-tracked himself on all instruments and vocals. This cassette-only release was issued on the Tucson-based Star Time Records (not to be confused with StarTime International Records of Brooklyn). After a lengthy period, Rendon added additional musicians -- guitarist Eric Royer, drummer Dustin "OJ" Moyer, and bassist Mick Huxley (later bassist Forest Dunn) -- to his Resonars' lineup for live shows and for additional recordings. Two 7" singles and numerous homemade cassette releases (including Tripping in Your Coffin) were made available to fans at their shows. Their second album, the critically acclaimed Bright & Dark, was issued by Get Hip in 1999, with Rendon again playing all of the instruments himself.
Lunar KitRendon had always intended to get a new band together to play live shows, but eventually retired the Resonars moniker in October 2000. By then he had accumulated scores of collected homemade recordings, some of which he began to release as Kilgore Trouts. He also continued playing shows with Al Perry & the Cattle. After moving to the Seattle area, Rendon joined the Vultures (he plays the drums under the name "Mickey Finch"). The group also featured Heath Heemsbergen, who had known Rendon when he was a member of the Tucson band the Fells. Rendon later returned to the Tucson area and joined the Knockout Pills, a garage punk band featuring members of the Weird Lovemakers and Los Federales. Royer, meanwhile, returned to his hometown, near Boston, and turned away from rock as his love of the banjo increased. He'd begun playing on the streets of Tucson, and eventually designed a "guitar machine" to play his one-man band shows, accompanying himself on the Dobro and harmonica. Royer has recorded several albums. In 2002, Rendon resurrected the Resonars name for a new release on Get Hip called Lunar Kit, which featured both sides of the 2000 released "Floor Lamp Eyes" b/w "She's in Love with Her" (Star Time Records) 7". In June of 2002, a new Resonars album was released on Get Hip Records. Titled Lunar Kit, it recalled the last album and even included the single released between the two albums.
Nonetheless Blue After a long break from the Resonars, Rendon returned in 2008 with the band's last album for Get Hip, Nonetheless Blue. Jumping over to the influential California label Burger Records, the band continued cranking out great records, with That Evil Drone in 2008 and Crummy Desert Sound in 2011. After recording an EP for Trouble in Mind (Long, Long Thoughts) in 2012, the label released The Greatest Hits of the Resonars, a career-spanning sampler of Rendon's genius, in 2013.

PROM BODY was born from the bedroom recordings of Mike Fay in the winter of 2012. Since then, the band has assembled and coalesced into a formidable four-piece that includes Gilbert Flores, Matthew Baquet, and Ryan Chavira. Known for rowdy, confetti laden, balloon exploding performances, Prom Body’s live show is always a unique and energetic foray into their own world of punk weirdness.

In 2013 they released “Creep the Strange”, an inside/out, 4 track, lo-fi pop opus released by the art collective Topaz, who saw fit to create a record label exclusively for the album. In early 2014 Mike recorded another album, ‘Naughty By Natural’, again on a four-track, and again for Topaz Records.

Prom Body reemerges alongside fellow Tucson band Hikikomori, (members of Prom Body, Sex Prisoner, and Territory) on a single split to support their upcoming west coast tour this October. The release comes by way of Spork Press, an independent publishing house based in Tucson, in preparation for Prom Body’s next full length out in 2016.

Dead Hot Workshop

Tempe, AZ-based singer/songwriter Brent Babb joined with drummer/bandleader Curtis Grippe to form the guitar-driven rock band Dead Hot Workshop in the early '90s. More than a decade (and four albums) later, the group remained one of the hardest-hitting bands on the West Coast. According to Roger Clyne of L.A.-based band the Peacemakers, "Music people in this city get as excited about what Brent Babb does as people did about what Dylan was doing in the '60s."

While their early sound centered on the two-guitar attack of Babb and Steve Larson and Babb's working-class-oriented lyrics, Dead Hot Workshop was forced to reorganize following the departure of Larson in June 1997. They recorded their second album, Karma Covered Apple, as a trio.

Dead Hot Workshop continued to shift personnel. When Brian Scott left in June 1998, he was replaced by ex-Dialectis bassist Steve Flores, and second guitarist Chris "Whitey" Whitehouse, formerly of the Satellites, was added



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