The Go Around, Larhonda, Beat, Sycamyre

The Go Around

We're a band. Hopefully We're a good band! ...But you can be the judge of that 🙂

We like playing shows, and we like people who come to our shows. 🙂
tree climbing, bike riding, and hitting apples with baseball bats.

Vocals and Lead Guitar: Alexander Saddic
Keys: Anthony Saddic


ex-pedal-dwellers' sad attempt as post-post noise rock for oomph generation sad kids. attending all larhonda shows will also earn you your GED.


We are the band that is going to bring back the hard-hitting, head-banging, heavy metal that has been missed for a long time. Thrashin' riffs, Vocals to kill, and Fast and Heavy drums are what we are all about. You will not be disappointed.



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