The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents: Music inspired by L. Frank Baum's Wizard of OZ

Bushwick Book Club

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle open's up their 2013/14 season with one of the greatest books of our childhood. This is from many generations in the past. We all know the movie and the story of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion... but did you know that there is so much more to this story?

For this event, Bushwick will be presenting 10 musical acts, a lecture, poetry and will be hosted by "The Great and Powerful" OZ himself! This is not an event to be missed. We are certainly not in Kansas anymore...

Tornado's, courage, porcelain plates, poppies, flying monkeys, melting witches, flying houses, Kansas, munchkins, yellow bricks, corrective lenses, smoke, true love, homesickness, balloons... and so much more. Who knows what these great musicians will sing about next?!

And to top it all off, we have BLVD Park closing out the night with a performance of their own amazing music! This performance is just prior to the hiatus to record their new record.

This is going to be amazing!

Performers include: Sean Morse, Bucket of Honey, Wes Weddell, Tai Shan, Tom Parker/Joy Mills, Susy Sun, Katrina Kope (Pur Gato), Sherilyn Segrest, Mike Votava(WE), Karen Lindenberg, Evan J. Peterson, Ryan Burt, Emmett Montgomery and more...


Seattle based alt-folk band. An eclectic group of performers, drawing inspiration from folk, rock, Americana, country, and jazz. Renowned for their dynamic song-writing and thrilling live performances, with a lineup including upright bass, banjo, guitar, trumpet, mandolin, snare, rotating vocal leads, and complex three to five part harmonies.

Blvd Park originated around a bonfire on a balmy evening in Midtown Sacramento. The band formed its unique sound around the lyrics and unconventional stylings of its front man Brian Ballentine (formerly of Nevada Backwards.) Beloved for their lively shows and party-style, the band was soon a local Sac favorite. Within six months the original eight member ensemble had released "Bell Tower Mansion", their debut album.

Inspired to pull up their Northern California roots after a west coast tour, the band moved to Seattle, WA in the Fall 2010. Ballentine (guitar) was joined by original members Timothy Conroy (trumpet), Tekla Waterfield (vocals, guitar), and Jarrett Mason (upright bass.) They made short work of meeting new musicians and have since been joined by banjo man Banton Foster from Old Town, Maine, Seattle's finest Dune Butler (mandolin, slide guitar), and Mike Mastin (snare, percussion) of upstate New York.

Blvd Park's original vision has continued to evolve, paving the way for multiple song-writers to contribute to the band's repertoire and the diversity of its sound. After completing their nationwide, 55 city "New American Dream" tour in early 2011, the band shifted its focus to the Pacific Northwest, playing primarily in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. They released their second album, "The Sound" in 2012, recorded at Seattle's historic Columbia City Theatre.



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