WolfCryer is here to tell the truth, even if nobody will believe it.

Matt Baumann began his music journey as a classical, jazz, and ambient saxophonist. Even while studying the likes of Albert Ayler and John Coltrane in high school in St. Louis, MO, and then in college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Matt was just as intrigued with the music of singer-songwriters. He was drawn to the truth, sincerity, emotion, and power evoked by the likes of Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, and Woody Guthrie. After having a dream in which he was playing banjo and singing his own songs, Matt quit playing saxophone (his instrument of the previous 20 years), bought a banjo, and embarked on a journey anew as WolfCryer.

Eschewing the "flailing" or "claw-hammering" of the more common five-string banjo, WolfCryer opted for the plectrum banjo, a four-stringed instrument that is played with a guitar pick. Adding harmonica and eventually guitar to his repertoire, Matt has crafted a vast catalog of autobiographical songs:

"Baumann plays folk tunes, pure and simple: they’re the sort of songs that could be played a century ago or a century in the future and be pretty recognizable. Those barebones arrangements leave nowhere to hide, but Baumann doesn’t need to cover anything up. His evocative baritone deftly conveys nuanced emotion, and he varies his strum patterns enough to make these . . . songs quite distinct from each other." (Stephen Carradini, IndependentClauses.com)

In 2013 and 2014, WolfCryer released a series of homespun EPs, showing off his songwriting prowess in its most raw and unfiltered form. These EPs (Prospect of Wind, Wild Spaces, Hell's Coming Down, and The Long Ride Home), are available on his BandCamp page.

Currently, Matt is working on his first full-length album, which will combine the raw power of the homemade EPs with the cleanliness and warmth of the recording studio. The songs will be a combination of new material and reworkings of older songs. Keep your ear to the ground, this album is sure to be a tour de force.



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