Black Wing Halo

Like kids rummaging the finest musical dumpster, Black Wing Halo (formerly decibel.) has mended parts and motors, soldered and stitched, to curate a new musical monster. Based on acoustic roots and rhythms, but driving with a distorted punk force, Black Wing Halo leaves no compact bin unturned. In fact, everything is recycled.

Ever-expanding with a love and admiration for noise, soundscapes and distorted vocals, Black Wing Halo is their own favorite radio station. It started by adding pedals to an acoustic guitar, and even more to a microphone, which became two microphones, displaying different voices to represent different ideas. Then they added bass. To expand from their acoustic roots, they started playing electric instruments, which led way to a distorted blend of rowdy punk, crunchy electronic, old school laden hip hop, Tom Waitsian carnival, wrapped in a little verse/chorus/verse pop.

Black Wing Halo continues to spread to the masses as well, having played SXSW, NXNE, and CMJ, as well as selling out boat cruises, and rocking Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

As of now, Black Wing Halo is putting the finishing touches on their first album with producer Jason Rubal (The Cure, NIN, Dresden Dolls, Killswitch Engage) and can't wait to put it out there for all to enjoy.

True to their aural objective, this album will be unlike anything you have heard before.

Everest Cale's music swells with guitar-drenched free-for-alls before collapsing, leaving just singer Brett Treacy and his guitar, pulling the audience closer with his hushed voice, earnest lyrics and just the right amount of ringing in your ear.

For the past decade, Brett Treacy, Jeremy Kolmin and Aaron Nystrup’s paths have crossed, diverged, reunited and evolved, leading the college friends from South Carolina to New York. In 2010, Treacy (vocals, guitar) began focusing on his original material, and he expanded and matured that sound by adding Kolmin (guitar), Nystrup (bass) and Nate Becker (drums). Everest Cale was born, with each member’s own talents building on Treacy’s foundations.

Buy The Sky


From Brooklyn, NY, Buy The Sky is a collaboration brought together by college bands, mutual friends, coworkers and concert promoting. The music is rooted in classic singer/songwriter form although we find ourselves genre jumping because of every band member's personal influences. Hope you enjoy the ride!

While Thee, Idea Men are the first to make fun of themselves in their signature self-deprecating yet gloating style, their rock and blues EP is a multilayered homage to beloved influencers while laying the groundwork for a rich, opulent eight-track album that diversifies their goofy, over-the-top personas. The melodic cadences the three-piece band contrives from their Philadelphian home is strategically crafted but adhered with reputable talent that eclipses many struggling contenders. But it’s not their fault; they were clearly birthed and then serendipitously met in their mid-20’s to form Thee, Idea Men.

After Matthew Jurasek, (guitarist/vocals) was asked by fellow Drexel University student, Tyler March, (drums), to write a few songs for his senior project at Drexel University, the two snowballed the classroom assignment into a full-fledged band, adding Kris Prinat (bass) to complete their trio while luckily adding some good-looks to their somewhat homely group. They soon moved in together and converted their spare room into a studio where the three started jamming regularly just for shits and giggles. Soon the sounds they were making became too rousing that they were all but cornered into turning their stoned-jam sessions into the real deal; a few months later we are graced with Thee, Idea Men – and luckily too.

When asking Thee, Idea Men who actually has the best ideas, Jurasek interjects, “Let’s get something right. We all have the best ideas, hence why we are Thee, Idea Men. And we have them because we are thinkers and drinkers, and occasional smokers.” This assemblage of inspiration and education clearly represents itself on the cover of their album where they chose to wear bold leotards for their photo-shoot, because it’s obvious these three soon-to-be college grads take everything with a grain of salt and a shot of whiskey, minus the meticulous care and attention to detail given to their standout EP “Getcho Groo Von”. But what truly rounds this young band into their old-soul groove is a compilation of raw talent, their genealogy given to the rock and roll greats, and their obvious spirited obsession with music, sounds, and living life in an ultra-engaged fashion. Sucking the marrow out of life, Thee, Idea Men are not only set and ready with their sails ready, but they are filled to the bone with determination to play music for the rest of their lives.

Over the course of two years, Wild Rompit's intersection of heart pounding indie rock and gritty vocals has helped them to establish a solid fan base in their hometown of Philadelphia. With two self-releases and subsequent national tours, Wild Rompit has been building a family of fans in clubs, warehouses, art galleries, fields and basements where the inspiring fervor of their live show has garnered them legions of loyal fans.

Brotherhood marked pronounced growth in the band's songwriting. Wild Rompit's homegrown roots sound reaches new heights in a youthful, yet wizened tone through songs filled with passionate, raw energy and lyrically honest portrayals of self‐discovery, friendships broken and mended. "You can learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with the people around you," explains lead singer Blair, "and the songs on Brotherhood are about how far you'd go for those people."

Formerly known as "crown" - PUBLIC is comprised of three friends that are on a magical journey doing what they know And love. nothing is better than what brings joy to the children and fills the soul with the sweet nectar of sound. They wish to always be allowed to dance, yell, and have fun with their music as long as inhumanly possible.



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