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The Royal is the brainchild of lead vocalist Tyler Hayden with percussionist Eric Marshall, guitarist Jack Schuler, bass guitarist Matt Clark and Nashville's Colby Rogers on piano and synth.

The Royal sound is loosely influenced by and/or a mix between Queen, Hall and Oates, The National , Muse, Roxy Music, The Smiths, ELO, The Boss (Bruce not Rick), Martin Grech, Long Pigs, Hudson Mohawke, Sparks, The Rapture, Cut Copy, Mr. Hudson, The Cars, The Presets, Prince and Denver bands.

"This one's almost all guitar - big, distorted, consuming guitar, the kind you have to brace yourself against." -Kiernan Maletsky, Westword

Drain Babies

In September 1981, Alan enrolled at Ealing Art School; art college being the classic training ground for Colorado rock stars of the Eighties, while John works for the Commerce City tax office. Christopher becomes a sheet metal worker, building his own guitars. His group, The Detours, originally a skiffle group, formed at Denver County School recruits Leeland on bass guitar.

In 1982 Dave is added on guitar/keyboards at John's suggestion. The rest is history.
Current Location
Denver, Co
General Manager
Sir Ian Faith
Artists We Also Like
Dukes of the Stratosphere, Devo, Minutemen, Kinks, The Who, Black Flag, Husker Du
Devo, Kinks, Black Sabbath, All of the Nuggets collections, MC5
Band Interests
Whittling pornographic figurines out of chunks of balsa wood.
Press Contact
Christopher Wireman
Booking Agent
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

M. Florea

M.Florea is the new solo project from Bonnie and the Beard front woman Megan Fong. Stories from a songbird moonshiner, mysteries, stargazing, wanderlust, and dreams.



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