Son Step

SON STEP is a unique collaborative effort featuring four active forces in Philadelphia's new and original music scene. Hungry for exploration, the band's members are apt to mix up both instrumentation and individual roles. Live performances are often spattered with dual bass or guitar, passages of heavy group drumming, and a communal sharing of vocal duties. This is also characteristic of Spooky Tooth, a 4-song EP and the band's first studio recording (released in early 2011). Son Step's sound combines intricate composition, improvisation, gritty electronics, and heartfelt lyricism, while touching upon an array of influences- ambient, post-punk, folk and beyond. Together the four friends create urgent music that should be heard by listeners and audiences seeking something truly fresh and captivating.

Friendly People

In a desperate search for warmth in the Boston winter of 2010-2011, a few friends – some old, some new – came together to see what would happen when they brought all their musical tastes, talents and trinkets into the same room. What started as one goosebumpin' jam in a Cambridge living room led to first an eviction warning and then more rehearsals in less intrusive spaces. As the band grew, so did the sound, and now with seven minds and sets of limbs and seven million ideas the result is Friendly People – folk-infused indie rock, hand-crafted to make you feel at home. Keep an eye on them, look out for their debut EP out now and come to their shows. And hang out with them after – they're friendly.

Little Anchor

Little Anchor blends the storytelling and simplicity of the Northwest with New York influenced pop sensibility.

The Brooklyn-based four-piece was initially conceived over a long weekend in a cabin on the Columbia River Gorge as the solo project of Pacific Northwest native, Alexa Cabellon in May 2009. Upon her return to New York, the small front-woman with big ideas shared her material with friends and former NYU classmates Kendrick Lo (guitar), Thomas White (bassist), and Ian Chang (percussion), who now complete the group.

Following their first gig at a tiny café deep within New York City’s Chinatown, Cabellon finished writing the group’s debut EP Sunland in the early winter of 2010. Self-released on June 17, 2010, Sunland combines heavy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and sweet yet versatile vocals.

From the Sunland EP, Little Anchor redesigned, rerecorded, and re-imagined the song “Until Our Eyes Adjust” at Galuminum Foil Productions with recording engineer and producer, Gary Atturio. The hauntingly delicate first single off of Yellow Lights, “Until Our Eyes Adjust” was released in February and features four-part string arrangements written by Gabriel Gall and Ian Davis of The Relatives and performed by fellow NYU classmates Josh Henderson on violin and viola, and Kristine Kruta on cello.

Following the release of “Until Our Eyes Adjust,” the band returned to the studio with Atturio to record the rest of the EP in the spring of 2011. Yellow Lights showcases Cabellon’s smoothly rich voice amid a collection of songs that vary from the smart, rhythm heavy opening track, “Don’t Be Scared to Move,” which includes pots and pans recorded in the kitchen of Cabellon’s Brooklyn apartment, to her strength as a ballad songwriter in the lush and dreamy arrangements of “A Sentimental Way” and “SEA/MD,” to the hard-hitting, anthemic closing track, “When You’re Looking.”

Yellow Lights – a reference to the reflective moments held within each track that serve as reminders to slow down – will be released digitally on September 6, 2011. Limited edition 12” 45rpm vinyl with hand-drawn artwork by Barclay Douglas will be released at the Yellow Lights EP Release Party at Glasslands in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 with Amy Klein (of Titus Andronicus) and Miracles of Modern Science.

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