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Road House

Dalton is a true gentleman with a degree in philosophy from NYU. He also has a flip side - he's the best bar bouncer in the business. When Dalton's brought in to clean up a popular establishment that become particularly rowdy, his calm is put to the test by the town bully, in this throwback to the great westerns of the 40's and 50's.

Swayz-tember Film Series

As part of its ongoing monthly film series, this September FilmBar celebrates the career of Patrick Swayze with Swayz-tember. Four years ago this September, Patrick lost his battle to Pancreatic Cancer. In honor of his legacy FilmBar will donate $1 per ticket sold to the Ronan Thompson Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research. Road House kicks off the series with throat punches aplenty. Teens vs. Soviets will battle it out in Red Dawn. Rebels raise hell (starring the 80s Brat Pack) in The Outsiders. It’s the time of your life with Dirty Dancing. The series closes with the doomsday cult classic Donnie Darko.



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