Magic Box

Magic Box

Ed Anderson and Scott Tipping have been making music and mayhem together since the late '90s, when they hosted an open mic featuring drunken jazz artists, angry poets and puppeteers.

Ed moved on to found roots rock trio Backyard Tire Fire in 2001. Through the 2000s, the band toured relentlessly, recording 5 albums and 2 EPs.

Scott went on to become a mainstay of the Chicago music scene, playing and touring with bands like Mighty Blue Kings, Peter Himmelman, The Steak House Mints and Dayna Malow.

Their paths crossed again in 2008 when Ed asked Scott to join Backyard Tire Fire on tour to round out the band's sound. BTF's album Good To Be, produced by Steve Berlin, saw them touring the country, headlining shows and opening for the likes of Los Lobos, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top and Cracker.

In back alleys, dank hotel rooms and a van that at least once tried to kill its masters, a new music partnership was formed, and when Backyard Tire Fire decided to take a break from touring, Scott and Ed chose to bring together some of their favorite Chicago musicians to work on new songs: Steve Gillis (drums), Scott Stevenson (keys and vocals) and Matt Thompson (bass).

The new project features songs by both Ed and Scott, staying true to the rock-and-roll tradition of BTF while transitioning into a more dynamic, harmony-oriented sound.

The Shams Band (As RATTLED A Traveling Wilburys Tribute)

Music is supposed to be fun, exciting, thought provoking and daring. On every live performance, The Shams Band makes sure that their audience leaves each concert with a personal feeling of satisfaction. Drawing heavily from their Kinks, Rolling Stones, and Wilco influences, singer/songwriters Biggins/Gulyas create distinct, personal songs. Once completed with unique four-part harmonies, the songs
come to life, tell stories, and send audiences singing all the way home.

The Shams Band features music trapezing the line between blues, country, and pop music. They have opened for national acts Drive-By Truckers, Dawes, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.

The Shams Band is the epitome of a "do-it-yourself" group. They get every audience excited and dancing from their catchy hooks and rock 'n roll atmosphere. It's whiskey-driven. It's a party. It's rock 'n roll with a banjo.

Steven Leaf & The Ex Pats

You remember how Arnold Schwarzenegger had that love child? Steve Leaf is that love child. Entering the world at a whopping 6'3" and 200 pounds contributed heavily to Steve's slightly awkward disposition and inability to find shoes that fit. Initially ostracized by his kindergarten peers for his gargantuan height and pterodactyl-like wingspan, he was soon favored because of his ability to reach the extra juice boxes kept in the classroom. Upon hearing the entrancing melodies from his mother's well-worn copy of the Xanadu album, Steve discovered that differences could be celebrated and finally felt at home in his own slightly stretched skin.

In all seriousness, Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats are a band. A band native to Michigan. A band that sometimes enjoys being quiet and sometimes enjoys being loud. At times completely simple, straight forward, and uncomplicated yet at others turbulent, rambunctious, and lost in a wall of reverb and delay. Somehow they always manage to make it through to the other side safely and unscathed. The Ex Pats are Nick Young and Dan Haefs. Don't be fooled by Nick's quiet demeanor, he is an animal and that attitude manifests itself in the four strings of his bass. Behind the kit, Dan holds down the beat on the drums like a machine. His consistent tempo has led some to believe that he is in fact, a robot, the reincarnation of Mick Shrimpton, or perhaps some of the best evidence we have to date in support of the existence of perpetual motion.

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