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Symmetry creates music that defies easy classification. Their style can be roughly described as alternative progressive pop/rock. Infectious vocal melodies soar on top of tasteful and dynamic instrumentation. Mike Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Nate Anderson (bass), and Max D'anda (drums) formed Symmetry in Los Angeles in 2012 with Jared's determination to find a balanced and like-minded group of musicians. He lost his sight at the age of 12 and found music. Jared Hara is now a blind guitar virtuoso. Once formed, Symmetry wrote unique and engaging songs at a prolific rate. They recorded their debut full-length album 'Frozen In Time' with producer James Paul Wisner at Silver Sound Studios in Woodland Hills, California.

The release date for 'Frozen In Time' has yet to be announced.

Shelton Harris

Shelton Harris is a 20 year old kid from Seattle, WA. What started out as something to do for fun turned into an unrivaled passion for making music when Harris released his first EP, Nothing Better. Now working collaboratively with Tyler Dopps, (18) their plan is to takeover the internet with their music and earn the respect and support of anyone who hears it.




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