Living Colour

Living Colour

During the 1980s, rock had become completely segregated and predictable; the opposite of the late '60s/early '70s, when such musically and ethnically varied artists as Jimi Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, and Santana ruled the Earth. But bands such as New York's Living Colour helped break down the doors by the end of the '80s, leading to a much more open-minded musical landscape that would eventually pave the way for future bands (Rage Against the Machine, Sevendust, etc.). Starting with Vivid and continuing on future albums, the band showed that rock could still convey a message. 2013 Marks the 25th anniversary of Vivid, Living Colour's debut record, which will also see them embark on a 25th anniversary tour.

The Semi-Supervillains

With influences ranging everywhere from The Raconteurs to Primus, The Semi-Supervillains serve up a brand of rock that is not only distinctive but easy to relate to. The band was formed when Vinnie Longhi and Ron Rekowski met at Duquesne University. Later on, Eli Flynn and Mike Matjasko were added to the band. The group actively plays shows and has held the stage at popular venues like Mr. Smalls and the Rex Theater. Kurt Retenauer, writer for the Duquesne Duke, alleges their music offers "something for everyone" and their first single, "Black Letter" is aired on major radio stations in the Tri-State Area including Pittsburgh's 105.9 The X and Wheeling's 107.5 WEGW. With their constantly active schedule, it will never be hard to find a time to catch The Semi-Supervillains in-concert so be sure to check their show dates on their Reverbnation, Facebook or Myspace profiles.

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