Dirtbag Love Affair, The Fill Ins, Aloha Broha

Dirtbag Love Affair

Dirtbag Love Affair comes out of the corner swinging with hard hitting combos consisting of 70s style garage/glam rock and drunken sing along punk. They have taken their wide open show to over 100 different stages in 15 states across the United States.

Dirtbag Love Affair walks it just like they talk it with attitude and music to match their loud and unapologetically rude lifestyle. Each song is a tale of living life with no regrets, no matter how many broken hearts, noses, or bottles are piled up along the way.

The band was born with a hard working do it yourself attitude. With one official studio album, "Wakin' Up In My Chucks", Dirtbag Love Affair has electrified audiences and shared the stage with acts as diverse as Sex Slaves, Wednesday 13, ANTIseen, and L.A. Guns.

Have you heard? No really, have you heard? The Fill Ins are unlike any other band you will see.... Some have said that the band is "a joke" and that we're a fake.... Some say we are "epic winning and badass".... How ever you wanna word it, we are here to stay. We've got Alex Stiff on guitar and vocals, Steven Touchton on bass and random insults, Mikey Black on lead guitar and overall badassness and Matt McCoy on drums and whatever the fuck else he wants to do to you during a show.

Aloha Broha

Aloha Broha is a punk band that leans to the pop-punk side of things.



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