The Graveyard Boulevard, AM/FM's, Cemetery Thieves, Jack Derringer and the Smokin Guns

The Graveyard Boulevard

The Graveyard Boulevard is a rock 'n' roll band from North Carolina that blends elements of metal and punk with dark comedy and things that go bump in the night. The band has refined a music style of catchy tunes without compromising an aggressive attitude


Charlotte, North Carolina dirty garage/punk/rock quartet featuring members of Red Limo, Sex Tapes, Carrion Bomb, Collective Extinction, Hungry Ghost, Bombaye, Mad Brother Ward And The Dividers, La Chocha Loca, etc...

Cemetery Thieves

We are a blue collar lower middle class punk rock band started in 2005 by Jonny Dick. We come from many other bands throughout the years such as17Dead, No More Excuses (NME), Pure Hate, Fat Tortoise Butcher, 134 and The Vivians, just to name a few, so we've been around.

Jack Derringer and the Smokin Guns

Jack Derringer & The Smokin' Gunz got its start in the Philadelphia area when Laura Lithium, trying to make her mark on the DJ world, asked Jack Derringer to record and produce a one-off cover of "Folsom Prison Blues" for an event. It took off unexpectedly and Jack and Laura decided to make a go of it as a band. Long time friend Gus was added on lead guitar, bringing with him years of experience and insanity. Drummer Buzz Ithier came on board a couple of months later, a versatile player who breathed some much needed energy into the band. The four combine their love of punk, rock, and a touch of blues to create music that represents the best of all three genres. Their favorite past times are robbing banks, drinking and blowing things up. Full length album coming soon.

After a recent move to Charlotte, Jack and Laura are reforming with new Smokin' Gunz. Chris Fox is the new lead guitarist. The search for a new drummer continues.

$5.00 - $7.00


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