Work Drugs

"Work Drugs is a sedative-wave / smooth-fi group from an abandoned pier on the banks of the Delaware River in beautiful Philadelphia, PA.
Work Drugs makes music specifically for boating, sexting, dancing, yachting, and living.

Work Drugs is Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal."


Lockets are a duo from Philadelphia consisting of vocalist Dani Parker and multi-instrumentalist Todd Mendelsohn. Since releasing their debut single "Camera Shy" at the tail end of 2011, Lockets have been likened to contemporaries such as Beachhouse, the influential Cocteau Twins, and have been described as "an innocent, fledgling My Bloody Valentine jacked up on a whole Halloween's worth of candy". Lockets' synth-wrapped brand of dream-pop creates lush, cinematic landscapes punctuated by shimmering guitars and softly layered vocals. The live performance features a full band that help bring Parker and Mendelsohn's project to life. Lockets debut full length has just been released on London indie label, Beautiful Strange.

Bridge Underwater

Bridge Underwater began in August 2005 as the recording project/one-man band of Patrick Mellon. Since then Bridge Underwater has released more than one hundred songs. The music ranges from simple lo-fi tunes to experimental "noise delights."



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