Stepdad SS, Haldol, Vacant Future, Meat Group

Stepdad SS

members of No Power, Towering Pyre, The Rogue Nations

Geoff Smith and Joey Cantrell started the band back in March 2011, and recorded a six-song demo. Geoff would play guitar and bass, but of course, couldn't do both at shows. Trey Stallings played bass at shows, until Joey left for Hawaii for a good while, and took on drums. During that period, many bassists have been throughout the band, and Sean Flint was the first bassist to actually write something. This band has successfully been a band for a year and only has one original member.

Vacant Future

Some dudes wanted to do a Scandinavian-style d-beat band, but they unknowingly let a speed metal-obsessed nerd join on guitar. Story was beckoned from the catacombs to do vocals. Rapture has incurred since then.

Meat Group

members of Yardwork, Joint Damage, Soft Parts, Brain F/, Logic Problem, Math, Secret Hospital, etc...

$6.00 - $7.00


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