Michael Carlos Band CD Release Party

Michael Carlos Band

This is a CD release party for Michael Carlos Band's newest album, "Here It Comes". This particular event, we are giving away a CD to every ticket holder who purchased before the day of the show!

“Here it Comes,” the third studio album from Michael Carlos will be released on October 29, 2013. The record covers vastly more stylistic territory than either of the first two releases, including instrumental bossa nova, blues, funk, reggae, and the Tom Waits-style jazz song, “Beautiful and Cruel,” a songwriting contest finalist in 2011. The record recounts tales of “love gone wrong” or about to go wrong, and characters feeling trapped (actually or psychologically) in circumstances of their own making. From the impending mid-life crisis in the title track, to the inward and outward warning of the dangers posed by a musician’s “groupies,” to the vulnerability of weak relationships, to full blown disaster, the listener hears the dark progression from dysfunctional to worse. This is wrapped up with “Sometimes,” as a summary of lessons learned and an easy bossa nova piece as a palette cleanser. An alternate version of “Gone Too Far” from 2008’s “Damage and Remainder” album is included because the characters in the middle verses form the basis for “Girls’ Night Out/Shanked.” Both the bossa nova piece, “Menina do Jardim” and a fast-paced Spanish-language ska song with horns, “Pobre Pablito,” further Michael Carlos’ visibility as a Latin-crossover artist.

The stylistic variability and strong musicianship on "Here It Comes" was born from the contribution of several musicians, including core Michael Carlos band members Eric Frank and Sergio Cuevas. Chicago composer and producer Ethan Sellers who contributed heavily to Michael Carlos' first two albums, composed the horn arrangement for "Beautiful and Cruel" and a flute solo for "Menina do Jardim". Mark Oi, who hails from the cast of musicians supprting renowned reggae artist Clinton Fearon, also added to the compositional landscape of the album.



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