Night Beats

Any number of bands cite 60's Texas psych as an influence, but rarely does a group actually capture what made those bands special. Following their debut EP also on Trouble In Mind, The Night Beats have expanded on the bedroom immediacy of their first recordings to create an LP that perfectly captures and modernizes the hallucinogenic and exhilaratingly demonic aura of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. With blazing guitar work and a razor sharp rhythm section Danny Lee Blackwell and company mutate conventional chords & progressions into a mind-blowing sonic sprawl. The record reels you in with 2-3 minute pop songs like 'Ain't Dumbo' and 'Dial 666', forging a landscape that then throws you into a chaotic journey of jams a'la 'Dewayne's Drone' and 'Little War in the Midwest' that bend and meander but never overstay their welcome. Tune in, turn on, & drop that needle on this record! The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

Dylan channels the inner thoughts and dreams of his psychedelic feline companion, Frankie. They share a singluar MIND and channel aural colors and shapes thru the ELECTRIC SÉANCE.

The "fingers" are what you would expect them to be - pieces of the GREATER BEING, bent with occult knowledge. Together they melt music onto small reels of tape while exploring the INFINITE realm of sound. This phenomenon was referred to by the ancient ones as...


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