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Gypsy Mamba

Rahkee Zahkee

Rahfee Zahkee used to be a professional bassist with hundreds of gigs and three tours, it all ended one night when he accidentally chopped off his thumb trying to break open a wine bottle (it was reattached). Feeling lost not being able to play the bass during his recovery, he decided to dive into something that wouldn't require his thumb as much, so he got into DJing. After a while of normal DJing, Rahfee wanted more control over his music. He looked into making music live, to have full control over every aspect of it. Now he creates music live digitally and DJ's at the same time. Rahfee Zahkee does everything from weddings, private parties, to underground digital beat battles.


Matt Meza + Javan Slagle---Multi Media Artists

Been mixing for 4 years now, currently using Pioneer DDJ-T1 w/ traktor. I do what I do because it makes me happy to see others happy and vibing to new sounds and new energies, which in turns creates absolute magic on the dancefloor. Come resonate and become a part of the magic 🙂 ♥


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