Psycho Sister, Hot Dang, Emperors And Elephants, Ezurate

Hot Dang

Four musicians who come from the greasy streets of Chicago to play Grease Monkey Rock for your listening pleasure as you sip your robust beer.

Emperors And Elephants

Emperors and Elephants formed in late 2011. After only 3 months of practicing, the band decided to start showcasing around the Chicago area. They quickly have garnered a following with their hits "Bring It Down" and "Your Will". The band consists of lifelong friends and avid musicians. Emperors and Elephants have only started their careers, which now look to be promising and fruitful. Their recent showcasing at the famous Brat Stop in Kenosha, WI was truly an excellent moment in the band's progression. Their vocalist Jesse Schramel is really quite impressive, the emotion he puts behind his voice is really something powerful these guys have. Be on the look out because 2012 is no doubt going to be a monumental year for Emperors and Elephants.


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