William Control

William Control

William Roy Francis was born January 8, 1982 in Seattle,Washington. In wiL's younger years he took an interest in drugs and alcohol but after leading police on a high speed car chase (and subsequently spending time in jail), wiL decided it was time to turn his life around. He started playing guitar again as a form of therapy and rediscovered music. He mainly provides vocals for post-hardcore band Aiden but can also play guitar, bass, and piano. wiL has said that William Control is basically the struggles he faces everyday and the battle going on inside of him to use drugs and drink. William Control is classified as Electro/New Wave/Rock. His music tends to be very dark and focused on controversial themes. Aiden bass player Nick Wiggins also plays for William Control.

Davey Suicide

The name SUICIDE is a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves, there is no ceiling for what we are capable of.


Fearless Vampire Killers

Come to our about page have you? Hmm… We didn’t think that many people would stumble across this, and if they did we assumed they might already know something about us so we were struggling to work out what to put here. Most bands will have something of a press release spiel in the form of an exaggerated list of achievements, bands they have performed with, and then some weird description of their music that doesn’t really make any sense. What does “soaring guitars” even mean? That they fly?

So what we thought we’d do is be honest about what we are and what we’re looking to achieve. We’re a rock band living in a cramped two-bedroom flat in London, UK. We originate from somewhere called the Waveney Valley which forms the border between the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, and it was there that we started playing in bands together, playing anywhere that would have us and often ending up in old sports halls or the sides of lorries at town fairs. After 3 years, morphing in and out of various incarnations of bands, we realised that: 1. Most of the industry didn’t know where our hometown Beccles was and 2. Even if they did they wouldn’t consider signing a bunch of teenagers with a fan base that they could count on their toes. So after much consideration and amongst a hell-of-a-load-of emotional obstacles, we moved to London with only the kindness of strangers and some family to rely on and for about a year we barely played a show.

In late 2008 everything came together and we named ourselves Fearless Vampire Killers, we wanted it to be a name that carried a load of baggage, like a badge of honour but also something that we’d need to prove. It came from a film we’d grown up watching, and it fit with everything we stood for; fighting back against oppressors of any sort and making something of yourself. Rising above the ones that did you harm. As individuals we really weren’t that good at life, but together we knew that with enough work, we could make something incredible. With that we set to work creating a concept that our songs and our image could fit within: An idea we named Grandomina, something of an idealised image of what the world could be, though still with its fair share of flaws and vice. The songs we write therefore can be taken in anyway the listener wants – the lyrics are metaphorical, and though they may reference the concept, we wanted them to be honest and emotional: Songs that people could relate to and maybe even songs that would help people through hard times.

So yeah, we’re Fearless Vampire Killers, we do what we want and we couldn’t care less how much people get niggled by our make up or weirded out by what we’re singing about. We’re freaks, and if you’ve come to this page then you probably are a bit too. Now let’s get together and gear up. We’re here to set hearts alight and tell the Heartataks where to stick it.

The Relapse Symphony

The Relapse Symphony combine the bombastic, emotive theatrics of My Chemical Romance, the unstoppably melodic but jagged punk hooks of Green Day and the forceful, confident and party-going atmosphere of Skid Row in a way that's fresh and original. They've taken these components and structured a sound that sounds as vital today as "Youth Gone Wild" back in the day. It's the sound of the greatest bands of yesterday colliding with the anxiousness of today. The Relapse Symphony is combustible and ready to ignite across the globe.

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