Michelle Malone

Armed with a bottleneck slide, blues harmonica, and her signature gut-wrenching vocals, Moanin' Michelle Malone ( a nickname given to her by Albert King after hearing her sing), is having so much fun these days that she can't help but shake her Sugarfoot!

Malone was born in the dirty south and grew up listening to her mother sing in the church choir every Sunday. When it came time to craft her own sound, she took those religious roots, blended in enough rock and soul to keep the devil satisfied, and came up with her 9th studio CD, Sugarfoot. It's a high-spirited stripped down blend of rootsy acoustic slide, gritty electric blues and explosive vocals...

Jen Foster

Jen Foster wants you to hear her music. Whether she's singing about the time her lover moved out and took everything she owned in "Taking Bob Dylan," or about our jaded American culture in "Closer to Nowhere," she has something she needs to share with you.

An award-winning singer/songwriter who regularly sells out shows all over the country, Jen draws a devoted following to her live shows, though her largest fan base resides in the southeast. Her bond with fans creates a captive audience, anxious to hear her stories and take in her unique sense of humor. Foster always delivers, making her audience laugh, even if it's at her own expense.

Influenced heavily by classic artists such as the Rolling Stones, U2, and Bob Dylan, Foster has spent the last several months in a Nashville recording studio working on her upcoming third album (tentatively titled Thirty-Nine), which aims to tighten that bond with listeners through frank and sincere storytelling. Foster, along with co-producer, Greg Droman, put together an all-star group of musicians, including Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers), Sean Hurley (Vertical Horizon), and Fred Eltringham (The Wallflowers, Dixie Chicks, The Wreckers). Embodying a blend of sounds which range from soft, lazy-day melodies to more raucous guitar-driven tracks, the forthcoming new collection includes two tracks ("Closer To Nowhere" and "Venice Beach") which have recently garnered nominations in the International Songwriting Competition.

Always independent, Foster is no stranger to marketing her own music. She started her own label, now called Fosterchild Records, in 2003. Her debut release, "Everybody's Girl", garnered national radio success at the Triple A format, as well as positive reviews, praising her no-frills, unfiltered lyrics. Songwriting awards followed, and Jen hit the road and started building what is now a formidable fan base. She has also secured some impressive Film/TV placements, with songs placed in the popular soap opera "All My Children" and on MTV's "The Hills," as well as a placement in an American Pie movie sequel and key placements in the new webseries "Venice: The Series," including "Venice Beach" as the theme song for the popular project.

Foster's close relationship with her fans has been key to her success. "I always say that if the fans aren't there, it's just a rehearsal. They give meaning and life to what I do, and I want them to know how much I appreciate them." Foster cares so deeply for her fans that she returns every email from them, no matter how long it takes.

Foster's 2006 sophomore CD, The Underdogs, was in many ways a powerful tribute to her supporters. The title track evoked such a strong reaction, that it won Song of the Year at the Out Music Awards. "To this day, people approach me after shows to share with me how deeply they relate to that song. I think it's a strong memory many of us have - that feeling of being an outsider."

Foster definitely knows what it feels like being an outsider. Growing up in a very conservative, Houston, TX, suburb, she never quite felt like she fit in to that world. Singing and writing songs quickly became Jen's way of expressing feelings she couldn't otherwise express.

Foster credits another outsider, Ani DiFranco, for inspiration in her business model. "Ani did it her way, and she inspired me to do it my way. I've created a fairly unique situation. I've built a team of people I trust at my label and also, a community of fans," Foster proudly notes. "It's always challenging to take off the artist hat and put on the business hat, but it's a challenge I embrace. My music means too much to me to blindly put it in someone else's hands."

Foster's highly anticipated project, "Thirty-Nine," was released in October, 2009. The video for the single "Closer To Nowhere" recently reached #1 on the LOGO Channel (MTV Network) charts.

Patrice Pike

Austin, Texas is known for its laid back, bohemian yet ultra committed music scene--something Austin native Patrice Pike immediately conveys. She's just so intelligent, confident and effortlessly cool that she commands a special kind of respect that comes not just from her musical capacity but her big, devoted heart as well.

Proving her musical mettle, Patrice has been a professional musician since she was 16 years old, wowing and influencing musicians, critics and audiences alike. So well respected is Pike that Billboard magazine proclaimed her "one of the finest up and coming contemporary rock singers in America." And while this is indeed, high praise, Pike deserves every bit of it. Patrice has maintained such a raw, down-to-earth quality and irrepressible talent that she will surely elicit even more praise as her career progresses.

And it will progress thanks to her inarguable commitment to and passion for music, and her impressive credentials. Here's just a few of those: she's an award winning singer-songwriter-rocker with a personal though, punk edge, she's co-created numerous records and musical groups (including Sister Seven and Patrice Pike and the Blackbox Rebellion), toured all over the United States and Western Europe and just plain knocked the socks off those who've seen, heard and watched the talented woman.

And if deep musical aptitude wasn't enough, Patrice leads an active life in mind, body and spirit. Not only does she snowboard and ride motorcycles but she also practices yoga and martial arts, extensively travels and enjoys collecting movies, records and books. On top of that, the woman is a dedicated humanitarian who, in addition to other progressive endeavors, works with at-risk youth in Austin and abroad.

As she herself said, "One of my favorite things to do in life is take an out-of-the-box challenge. The more unexpected, diverse, and fun, the better it is. This series is just that and I am thrilled." So are we. For in both music and life, Patrice Pike truly is the real deal.

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