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Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan founded Sic Alps in 2004 with Adam Stonehouse of The Hospitals and has since led his constantly evolving band through nearly a decade of melodic highs, challenging noise-world lows, experimental rock twists, hard-folk cliff hangers and lysergic doo-wop poetry successes. Over the course of 5 albums and countless tours his band has continued to define and inspire the new San Francisco sound along with compatriots Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. What sets Donovan and Co. apart, besides the relative length of their teeth, is an experimental and lyrical depth as well as an uncompromising non-commercial stance. Now, with his band reaching ever wider audiences, Donovan is branching out solo.

The Sic singer heads for the hills with this wild and wooly solo breakdown. Foggy mountain, bluegrass, communication and nervous: all this kind PLUS are stripes in Mike's flag for all nations, reflected in clear muddy water.


Tal National are from Niamey, the capital city of Niger. Their music is joyously hypnotic, a highly unique contribution to West African guitar music. With its lightening fast rhythms and rotating cast of vocalists can be heard the history of Niger as a cultural crossroads along ancient trade routes. Collected within the former French colony can be found Songhai, Fulani, Hausa, and Tuareg populations, all of whom are represented in Tal National's members. In the music we hear the rolling 12/8 rhythms in the Hausa's Fuji percussion, the pensive aridity of the Tuareg's assouf or "blues," and the exquisite "griot guitar" of Mali's Songhai, all delivered with virtuoso precision and unrelenting energy.


G. Green

"Sloppy Californian garage-damaged noise-pop with some giddily out-of-tune warbling vocals that sound like a teenage David Thomas of Pere Ubu. Throw in some seriously fuzzed-out bargain basement organ on ‘Soap’ & the Urinals/Tyvek-esque art-punk thrasher ‘Society Of Shit’ (complete with infectious “woooo ooooooh oooooh” hollered gang vocals) & sign me up, please." --collapseboard


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