Sweet Bump It

Sweet Bump It

We are: Paco de Leon (guitar, vocals), Jenna Eyrich (bass), Jay Doo (drums, vocals), Bill Bittner (guitar, vocals), Francesca Salac (vocals), Marlaine Reiner (vocals), and Lisa Deines (vocals). Nice to meet you.

We are a band. We play rock and roll, funk, and soul. We are possessed by music. We exist to entertain. We are passionate, confident, and self-aware. We strive for greatness, but we will never be better than you. Our beliefs and values will not stop us from being carefree and irresponsible. We take everything in moderation, including moderation. We live to live.

We are currently recording a four-track demo slated for release in early September 2013. You can expect a full-length album to follow by winter 2013. In the meantime, look for us at a venue near you. If you want to know more about us, just ask. We love to talk about ourselves, and we can't wait to party with you.

Michael Rey & The Woebegone's

Michael Rey and the Woebegones are a four piece Rock n Roll band, formed in 2010, based out of Fontana Ca. Their influence range from the sounds of the Mississippi delta to gritty tinge of CBGB. The band is Fronted by singer/songwriter Michael Rey, and consists of Justine Brown on bass, Rob Rozema on organ, and Daniel Flores on drums.

Champagne Leader

Grown in the suburbs of a California town, Champagne Leader is a quartet with sounds inspired by classic groups such as Electric Light Orchestra, Queen and Wings. With a modern twist the band's unique background coupled with it's know-how for methodic song-writing makes it a familiar yet new experience. Intertwining harmonies, attacking guitar and piano, rhythmic drums and thump-bass that drives add together to create an unforgettable live performance.

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