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Dierberg Vineyard

Santa Barbara County, home to an increasingly diverse array of grapes and styles, stands out in the international world of winemaking for three wines, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Jim and Mary Dierberg appreciated that truth from day one. The couple came to the region from the Midwest in the early 1990s to plant ultra-premium grapes and craft great wines.

In 1997, the Dierbergs purchased and planted a property in the Santa Maria Valley, prepared to make Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that would both reflect and elevate the reputation of Central Coast wines. A few years later, the Dierbergs planted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on steep hillsides along Drum Canyon Road and Highway 246 in what is now the world famous Santa Rita Hills.

To make the most of each property, the Dierbergs developed vineyards with a groundbreaking diversity of grape clones — rather than focusing on the standard Central Coast varieties — ensuring that high quality grapes with low yields would lead to fabulously luscious yet traditionally refined wines. The formula quickly worked, and today, Dierberg Vineyard represents the traditional winemaking legacy of Santa Barbara County, delivered with an unrivaled attention to quality.

Star Lane Vineyard

After more than a decade of searching for the ideal location to plant a vineyard and start a new winery, Jim and Mary Dierberg came across a former dude and cattle ranch in Santa Barbara County, California. “We immediately knew that we wanted this amazing ranch,” recalled Mary of driving through the gates on that fateful day in 1996. “It was absolutely breathtaking.”

With what she calls “blind confidence” — plus some of the best consultants in the business — the Dierbergs decided to plant Star Lane with Bordeaux varietals based on their faith in those grapes’ ability to soar in the unique microclimate. Their instincts quickly paid off in 2009 when Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara was officially designated an American Vitacultural Area. In an industry marked by tried-and-true formulas replicated the world over, the Dierbergs are truly pioneers of California’s wine industry.

“The wines speak of the terroir in Happy Canyon,” said Mary. “The flavors and intensity are completely unique to this corner of the world.”

Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard

Buttonwood Farm is a small gem set amidst the splendor of Santa Barbara County's Santa Ynez Valley. The farm is a shining example of the vision of our founder, Betty Williams. Betty was always ahead of her time, and in the 60's set out to create a working farm based on good practices for people, animals and the earth. First there were horses, then organic vegetables and finally, a vineyard.

Today, our 39-acre vineyard stretches across a sun-drenched mesa on the eastern portion of our 106-acre property. We started planting in 1983 and now have 33,000 vines, small in the world of wine, but huge to us. Our tasting room is surrounded by other bounty from the farm, including olives, pomegranates, peonies, herbs, summer vegetables and of course, our famous peaches! Our philosophy is beautifully summed up by our Mission Statement:

In the far distant future may it be said that the owners and stewards of this land so used and protected it that it has been able to absorb the energies of the other forces, those of the infinitely small, of the winds, the birds and the animals, to once again create a balanced ecological microcosm. In this process, effort shall be made to present a financially viable operation, participating fully in the life of the times, the culture and the community. Where possible, the farm shall act as a model for small family husbandry as a source of gain, as well as a personal resource of food and beauty.
- Betty Williams, Buttonwood Farm

Lafond Winery and Vineyards

Santa Barbara Winery

Carhartt Vineyard and Winery

Carhartt Vineyard and Winery is located on the historic Rancho Santa Ynez, family owned and operated since the early 1950′s. It is here that young Mike Carhartt grew up, raising cattle and horses and farming the ranch land. Years later, as destiny unfolded, he and his wife, Brooke, planted a vineyard on that same fertile land.

Today, this 10 acre vineyard sites high on the ranch mesa in the heart of the Santa Ynez AVA. The estate fruit is comprised of Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache and Petite Syrah, with Sangiovese at nearby 11 Oaks Ranch. Small lots of grapes from select vineyards are purchased to complete their lineup of wines.barn_IMG_6531 copy

The wines are made in a converted barn on the ranch with Brooke as the enologist. Their son, Chase, is formally trained in viticulture and enology at Cal Poly, SLO, becoming the third generation in this family-run, business.

The close proximity of the winery to the vineyard ensures that the fruit is in its ultimate condition for processing. Harvested grapes are gently de-stemmed before cold soak and fermentation.

Pressing takes place in small basket or gentle bladder presses. The wines are then aged in new and used French oak Barrels for up to two years before bottling. The red wines are not fined or filtered.

Not surprisingly, the Carhartt winemaking philosophy reflects their connection with the land, for it is truly the vineyard site that leads to the character of the wine.

Sun, water, soil, climate – all integrated parts – and all weather driven. Thus, the weather vanes featured on each label, are also found atop each of the structures located on the ranch and winery property. The rich history, the family, the connection remain… and all are reflected in the Carhartt’s passion and dedication to quality wine.

Flying Goat Cellars

Two pygmy goats, Never and Epernay, inspired Norm to name his winery Flying Goat Cellars.

The goats were his pets and lawnmowers and came to be a source of entertainment and enjoyment, with their unrestrained spiral loops, flipper turns and straight-legged leaps. When pondering a name for his new wines and brand, Norm wanted to project fun, enjoyment, and happiness. While many people put their own name or their children’s name on their label or vineyard, Norm’s playful spirit opted to name it after his kids. His kids, of course, were those two pygmy goat pets, who had always inspired him and made him laugh.

The winery was “launched” with this same spirit of enthusiasm and Flying Goat Cellars was born.

Costa de Oro Winery

Our mission is to produce the finest wines from the Central Coast using the artistry of Old-World winemaking styles and New-World grape growing practices. Our Gold Coast Vineyard, located in the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara County, is the home for our Estate Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. We have carefully selected several Central Coast vineyards to source additional grapes for our label. Winemaker Gary Burk produces wines of balance, harmony and complexity for you to drink and enjoy!


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