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Huerco S.

Brian Leeds produces electronic music under the name Huerco S. His debut album for Software is titled Colonial Patterns. On Colonial Patterns, Leeds treats his Kansas City region as a universe worthy of its own electronic music.

To that end, Leeds deconstructs Midwestern techno and house tropes. The pieces are corrugated, rough, and decompositional. Working cheaply, Leeds conscientiously uses low-end software, synths and cassettes so as to subvert the gloss of so much urban dance music, giving tracks an impressionistic, emotive feel. The result is uniquely Midwestern: there is an expansiveness to each piece that suits the open space and the storied past of its inhabitants.

A native of Eastern Kansas, Brian Leeds first turned to music and visual art as a teenager. He attended the University of Kansas where he studied installation art and ceramics before leaving school to focus exclusively on sound design and music production. Recent releases include “No Jack,” off the EP for Wicked Bass, and the twenty-minute synth exploration “Untitled” which Leeds cut in collaboration with Exael for Software’s favorite Opal Tapes.

Colonial Patterns shares Jon Hassell’s hybridized experiments in percussive ambience, as well as William Basinski’s strobing melancholia. When tracks subtly veer into house/techno territories, they mirror the no frills dance mechanics of Midwest figureheads Ron Hardy, Omar S and Theo Parrish.

Madteo is a bit of a personality. That much is obvious from his idiosyncratic releases for the likes of Morphine, Hinge Finger and Wania. The Queens, New York-based producer makes raw and gritty tracks heavily influenced by Detroit house legends like Theo Parrish and Moodymann. But perhaps an even bigger love is hip-hop: He interned at a label just as New York's scene was at its mid-'90s apex, and he continues the experimental tradition of its most inventive beatmakers through his work with local MC Sensational. As you might expect from the mind that makes such quirky music, Madteo tends to wander in conversation. In late July, RA's Jordan Rothlein did his best to rein him in.


Matthewdavid is a man flying forward into the world of wow and flutter. His ears are keenly tuned to all around sound signals. His "high waistline" dublab sessions are a splendid spectrum of cassette sources, nature notes, fuzz hugged-beats and far-out folk. Matthewdavid's creative output is always expanding through offerings via the dublab DJ collective, Brainfeeder label/collective, PooBah record store/label, and his lovingly curated label Leaving Records.

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