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Cornelius Ferguson, better known as Traxman, spent the '90s and '00s packing Chicago's dancefloors with fast-paced house, juke, and footwork. He's taken his show all over the world the last few years, thanks in part to his insane 2012 Planet Mu release, Da Mind of Traxman, and in part to his insane live show, which find him flipping samples of classic R&B tunes, Chicago house tracks, and psychedelic jazz in equal measure, at lightning speed. Da Mind of Traxman's sequel, the aptly-named Da Mind of Traxman vol. 2, is coming out soon also on Planet Mu, and it draws from an even broader sonic palette than its predecessor, incorporating elements of all sorts of dance music genres, pushing footwork into the future, into the atmosphere.

Dance System

An integral member of London's Night Slugs label is returning to Lit City Rave after making the DJ debut of his new alias, Dance System. Check his ass-shaping, fist-pumping, booty workout mix on DIS Magazine, jam packed full of Ghetto Trax and exclusive new slugs.

Jim-E Stack

San Francisco born, New Orleans living, DJ/producer Jim-E Stack is young and doing his thing. Drawing influence anywhere from UK funky to Mexico's 3ball, and house to pop, he strives to create his own eclectic brand of club music. Born James Stack, Jim-E Stack grew up in San Francisco, eating burritos, drinking 40s, and playing drums in a string of terrible punk bands. A new found interest in club music and the World Wide Web would bring him into a new class of young producers as infatuated by musical internet exploration, as they are with pushing the sounds of today's club music

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