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DRT is a world fusion jazz trio, creating a sonic tapestry marked by rhythmic and textural inventiveness. Traces of Indian, Middle Eastern, Irish and Asian influences mix with the fusion trio format of guitar, bass and drums. Perfoming original instrumentals and imaginative reworkings of jazz, rock and pop tunes, the trio’s repertoire includes selections as diverse as Caravan, My Favorite Things, Blue Jay Way, Bus Stop, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Things We Said Today, Pretty Ballerina and Pather Panchali. The Trio performed extensively in NYC and in Europe in its original incarnation; the current individual members - David Rosenbloom on guitar, David Hofstra alternating with Mark Hagan on bass, and Steve Moses alternating with Ray Levier on percussion - have been active in an extraordinarily broad range of musical undertakings, both local and worldwide.


It's the sound of a bar fight breaking out at a revival tent. No, wait - it's the sound of a revival breaking out during a bar fight. Whatever it is, Brooklyn based rocknrollers THE BROTHER K MELEE want to make damn sure you hear it.

Or maybe it's both sounds wrestling for dominance. To be sure, my head plays host to a riot of reverberations - bootleg gospel's jagged ecstasies, The White Stripes' raw firepower, early Radiohead's literate paranoia of early Radiohead, That Group From Liverpool's unabashed melody. But nostalgia doesn't stay loud for long, so these ghosts of rocknroll past usually end up parading through my hyperactive imagination, which tends to spit out anthems for dead saints, evil billionaires, tiger mothers, and slowboats to the Apocalypse. And occasionally love. You can hear all these elements at our shows in the Brooklyn/lower NYC area, and on our new release, SEEK ASSEMBLY, out July 1.

I know, I (frontman/songwriter Lucas Kwong) just switched to first person. Who's ever been to a grammatically correct melee? Hooks, howls, heartache.

Brooklyn based rock band Lilly Field have been sharing their languid lo-fi guitar sounds in and around New York City since early 2013.

OMA music award nominated recording artist and songwriter, T. McCrae has been writing and recording music for over a decade. He along with his band collectively have been performing together since 2011. T. McCrae has performed at Bardot Heights, Soul Café, The Village Underground, Alphabet Lounge, Club IBIS, ING NYC Marathon, etc.. International radio stations play his music; Provence-Radio.com in France and UrbanRadio.gr in Greece are but two. His music is being offered nationally on several platforms including Windows Media Player radio stations, such as SmoothJamesRadio.com and Xmusicradio.com, Offhechartradio.co.uk, Wutzhoodradio.com and on FloEmpire Radio "The Brandon Davide Show" based out of New York.
T. McCrae’s music is everywhere and is happy to continue this trend by releasing his second CD “Your Best Is Yet to Come” with hit single “I Can See Tomorrow” leading the way. This single is about imagining a world free of prejudice, racism, sexism, classism etc. realizing that the world as we see it is becoming more unified, humanity reaching out with open arms ready to embrace our natural unique differences. It is about the world coming into a new and exciting existence. The title of this single signifies this positive change in the world with a very uplifting and emotional delivery.
T. McCrae took this song and made it personal. You feel his emotional vocals telling the world of this revolutionary progression. The music keeps up with this emotion with a smooth R & B melody with catchy verses with those vocals that just tear you up. This song captures the essence of the writing style of T. McCrae. His music carries a strong pop appeal to it with an urban hip hop edge and lyrics that keep his music front and center.
“Your Best Is Yet to Come” is available at most digital storefronts including but not limited to:
www.reverbnation.com/TMcCrae “T. McCrae is currently ranked #2 in New York on the Reverbnation music charts”

T. McCrae’s band has been performing at a variety of popular venues this past year in and around the New York City region including Alphabet Lounge and Club Pyramid in Manhattan.



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