Natural Selection & Subverse-NYC Present ICICLE with Robert Manos, Adred, I.N.I., Max Mischief

Jeroen Snik – aka Icicle – is recognised as one of the most technically advanced and highly-respected producers in electronic music. Mastering tech-funk better than any other, Icicle's music is graceful yet daring and, without doubt, technically remarkable, tinged with intricate drum patterns reminiscent of Photek and entrancing, enveloping bass-lines à la Jonny L and Optical.
After commanding the attention of the masses with releases on labels such as Shogun Audio, Soul:R, Renegade Hardware and Critical, Icicle made the move from Holland to London in 2008, and now officially reps Shogun Audio. 'Spartan', Icicle's debut on Shogun, broke a musical mould and securely positioned his elaborate engineering skills on the proverbial map.
With bookings in abundance all over the world, Mr Freeze's sound ventures have kept the listeners anticipating eagerly his every release prompting a dangerously frosty EP on Shogun Audio in 2009 - the 'Cold Fear' EP - featuring an ice-cool collaboration 'Driftwood' with tech-pioneers, Noisia. Impressively, Icicle's deep, dark and futuristic dubstep has been fervently received on a global scale and caused groundbreaking responses from the dubstep world, thanks to 'Minimal Dub' b/w 'Xylophobia' released on Shogun Audio in 2010. There really are no constraints to this producer's aptitude - nothing short of astonishing.
Even greater news, then, that Icicle's been working on his debut album 'Under The Ice' for Shogun dropping in early 2011. The first release from the LP, 'Dreadnaught' b/w 'Arrows', is a prime expression of Icicle's super-human sonic force. Intelligent drum arrangements and mighty blood-warming bass-lines secure him firmly as one of the most flawless and exceptional electronic producers of his day.

Robert Manos

Robert Manos is a vocalist/musician who grew up in Europe, East Africa and New York. His first release of note was a collaboration with Alexi Delano on the deep house track “Round and Round” on the STATRA label remixed by Charles Webster and J.T Donaldson. On a visit to Sweden, Robert was introduced to Jesper Dahlback and Sebastian Ahrenberg ( Seba ) with whom he co-wrote “My World” for the SVEK label. From this meeting also came “16 stories” (METALHEADZ) Robert’s first drum and bass release with Seba with whom he has worked ever since. Some of these releases include “Heaven Sent”(SOUL:R) “Move On”(HOSPITAL) “Last Goodbye”(PARADOX MUSIC) “Wild One”(METALHEADZ) “Make Peace”(SUBJECT 13). Also in collaboration with Jesper Dahlback and John Dahlback under the name Hugg n Pepp came Mazarin, Robban and more recently “Sweet Rosie”. Also on Adam Beyer’s TRUE SOUL label came “Before its all gone” . Robert’s first Album entitled “Angel Road” was released in 2009 on MOLE RECORDINGS. Robert recently returned to the States from performances in Europe with Seba and Paradox.



(Subverse / Rood.FM, BK)

Max Mischief

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