The name Fin'amor is derived from a 12th century literary theme focused on the existence and prevalence of "pure" or "true" love. Though inaccurately believed to translate to "End of Love", Fin'amor more ironically reads " Love until the End" Too often on earth and in music is the true value of existence lost because of our unwillingness to deviate from complacency. In an attempt to wrought beauty out of sorrow and invoke love in the place of hate, Fin'amor was conceived in the Summer and formed in the Fall of 2008 by Julian, Nodar, Aleksey, and Benjamin. In the Winter of the following year George and Raphael joined the lineup. Shortly after we began performing live, we introduced a new drummer, Winston. After countless shows and some remedial attention, the band hit a breaking point and Winston, Aleksey, and Benjamin parted ways with Fin‘amor. Though the band seemed hopelessly wounded, Julian, Nodar, and Raphael tarried on, and with the grace of fate, Fin'amor was not yet extinguished. Soon after Slava joined on bass, Nodar took over keys, and Eugene joined on drums. With the musicians in place, Benjamin returned on Vocals.

With Julian and Raphael on guitars, Slava on Bass, Eugene on drums, Nodar on keyboards, and Benjamin on Vocals; Fin'amor exists to resurrect the beauty of pleasure and pain, amidst the stale desolation of apathy.

In Place

Depth in simplicity. We're an instrumental duo from Philadelphia, PA.



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