Any Colour of Floyd

Any Colour of Floyd

ANY COLOUR OF FLOYD (A Tribute to Pink Floyd) brings you all the music and nuance of a Pink Floyd style concert event. Members of ACF have been performing the music of Pink Floyd since 1998. ACF brings you a Circular Video Screen with Intellingent Lighting/Inflateable Pigs (determined by size of venue)/Pink Floyd style props and our own basic Pink Floyd style light show. ACF is able to perform in venues from Mid-Large size clubs/Theatres and Festivals. Members of ACF have been performing Pink Floyd since 1998. ACF consists of previous members of the Award Winning Pink Floyd Tribute Hey You (A Tribute to Pink Floyd) and Mother (A Tribute to Pink Floyd). As members of Mother our Bassist and Drummer received nominations as Best Tribute Band 2 years in a row. As members of Hey You our Bassist has received 4 nominations as Best Bassist/Our Keyboardist received 3 nominations for best keyboards/Our band vocals has received 3 nominations for best group vocals. As previous members of Hey You our group has won Best Tribute Band in the Buffalo Music Awards and in the WBNY Music awards 2 years in a row.

ACF takes the best of the best and moves into the future with a new twin guitar sound. Our new guitarist takes on the role of D Gilmour Vocals and our 2nd guitarist is now enhancing our sound spectrum... allowing ACF to bring even more of the Pink Floyd style sound to your ears.

ACF performs the music of all eras of Pink Floyd as well as solo music from Roger Waters/David Gilmour and Syd Barrett.

ACF is also known for performing entire albums. Right now you can expect to hear the albums Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here/Animals and The Wall in full at any given concert. ACF consists of members from previous Pink Floyd Tributes nominated for many awards and with years of experience performing the awesome music of Pink Floyd. Any Colour of Floyd (A Tribute to Pink Floyd) is based in Western New York. WNY is the perfect place to be based out it is centrally located. ACF has the experience and know how to create a wonderful experience for all. See you on the road.



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