No Dry Country

"Led by Trent Langford, No Dry County carries the torch for a new generation of young artists traveling the circuit here in Texas. It’s country and americana music infused with classic rock and roll, then left to simmer, filling the room with the sound of success. It’s heartfelt music filled with lyrics about real life, real places and real people. It’s the kind of music that everyone can relate to.. Comprised of lead singer Trent Langford, and backed by a host of talented musicians, including Mitchell Rambo, Monte Ebeling, and Matt Newsom, No Dry County is “paying dues” as they say and rapidly gaining popularity."

-Corey Johnston

The Author and The Illustrator

The Author and the Illustrator wrote and recorded 10 songs from April 2010 to January 2012. We released these songs with the title "Session I", in hopes to continue this pattern of writing sessions until we wrote some sort of magnum opus. On January 6th, 2012, we released Session I, and played our last show with vocalist Greg Janssen and guitarist Evan Croteau. Where do we go from here? We're not sure, but it's somewhere.
An emotional rock band from Kansas City, Missouri.

Chris Aytes and The Good Ambition

Based out of Topeka, KS, this start-up rock & roll trio delivers bombastic anthems packed with positive vibes and a sound that mixes the best elements of vintage rock & roll, punk and new wave; testifying to the belief that rock & roll can still change the world, or at least your day.



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