Breakdown Valentine was conceived by Allen Davis and Olivia Barchard in January of 2011. Within the last year the duo has diligently been crafting a collection of dynamic songs. The music is armed with heavy analog synth tones, guitar, bass, melodic vocals, and beats to move the most stubborn wallflowers.

Pounding analog drum machines. Rumbling basslines that are as moody as they are thoroughly danceable. Atmospheric washes of echo-laden synth textures. Jangling guitar sounds. And choruses that resonate with emotion. Listening to Flaamingos' self-titled debut album, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it might come from the north of England, or somewhere else where the skies are consistently leaden and everybody always wears black.

In fact, it's the work of a bunch of (black-clad) Angelenos. Flaamingos are the latest signing to Felte, and their music drags the classic sounds of their favorite bands into the 21st century, in the process creating a sound that's entirely their own. The band was formed by Jerry Narrows (vocals, drum programming) and Daniel Koontz (guitar, bass, synth) — the two played together in psych and shoegaze bands as youngsters, before going their separate ways and working in other musical projects for a time.

Flaamingos' music runs a gamut from dancefloor-friendly synthpop ("Digital Dialogue") through brooding post-punk ("All I Want to Do Is Live") to dark, rhythmic atmospherics ("Fractured Love"). As a whole, the sound of a band who have relentlessly honed their aesthetic — often at the iconic Part Time Punks night at The Echo in Echo Park, a de facto home to LA's post-punk scene and a second home to Flaamingos.

I Am Animal

"How nice it is to take up a familiar sound again," says I Am Animal, "and draw new lines from the traditional mouth." A sound you think could be equal parts lighthouse and alleyway, tides surging and nightmares thudding. Or a story told with indelicate layerings of guitars, synthesizers rumbling and voices trembling with urgency. I am Animal is composed of Daniel Clark, Ryan Joseph, and Charles Scheinblum.



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