Real Friends

Real Friends

We live for this! Pop-Punk from the suburbs of Chicago.

Mixtapes is a band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They are mostly influenced by 90's power pop and indie rock bands, some Replacements and midwestern gritty punk bands.

Forever Came Calling

Dudes in a band, not to be confused with band dudes.
- on Pure Noise Records


Pentimento is a 4 piece punk rock outfit from Buffalo, NY that strives to create a sound focused on the raw emotion of the punk scene that birthed them.

While staying true to the roots and influences of their upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity you take away when listening to their music. The goal of Pentimento has always been to create passionate music that they could share with others and have the listener feel and connect with on a personal level.

Pentimento entered the studio early this year (2011) to record their newest EP "Wrecked". Pentimento's process of writing and recording Wrecked was to weed out any possibility of artificial factors or "studio magic". The goal was to bring the most genuine and real instance to the listener with the hopes that the same experience that is put across live, comes across on their recordings. Pentimentos' "Wrecked" has achieved that goal and surpassed it with one of the most honest EPs to come out this year. Panic Records is proud to release Wrecked on CD and Digital formats on July 19th, 2011 with the Vinyl version to follow shortly after.

The Color and Sound

The Color and Sound started as a collaborative idea between friends in December 2012. LaRocque, Aliperta, Mahoney and Aylward had previously played together in the local indie pop/punk band, Life on Hold. While the band, fronted by Mahoney, generated moderate success, their collective hearts were growing away from their pop/punk roots. Opting for a change and a clean slate, TCAS added two new members to the group, Nicholas Stewart (ex-Emerson) and Christen Aliperta (ex-Warrior of Might and Magic), and set out to create a new sound with a new approach.

The resulting sound includes an array of constant group vocals, harmonies and pop simplicity. In a live setting their music is, as the name suggests, an explosion of lights and sounds. The Color and Sound has a dedicated light/sound engineer, Bruce Malley ( as well as a passion for their music that can't be faked.

Tracking in their own Kennedy Studios, The Color and Sound started working on their first album in January of 2013. With the freedom of their own space, hand built from the ground up, the band primarily writes in the studio and reworks each song for live shows. Infusing pop sensibility into modern folk/rock, the idea behind The Color and Sound is an ambitious effort that could only come to fruition with the collective minds involved.

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