Organs is a three-piece garage band from Brooklyn. They have released 7"s, cassettes and a flexi disc with Killer Diller, Chickpea, Wild Isle and Puta records since 2010. Debut LP "HEADIN' FOR THE DOOR" is out NOW on Killer Diller Records!


FRUIT is the musical project of three people who seem to be friends with each other. They play driving garage pop with addled crooner vocals inspired by 80s New Zealand music, Beat Happening, and Orange Juice.

The Shine Brothers

If The Everly Brothers were invited to The Birthday Party, The Shine Brothers, a liberal dose of melodic mayhem, would be the party favor. Waving the 'psych-my-delic' banner, The Shine Brothers achieve an alchemic balance of sunshine pop song structures and howling devilish rhythms, crowned by dirty woven vocal harmonies. The Shine Brothers' ensemble include Nate Ryan (formerly of The Black Angels), Colin Ryan, Oakley Munson, and Ryan Rapsys.



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