Youth Code

Youth Code

Few bands are as committed to classic EBM and Wax Trax-style industrial as Los Angeles' Youth Code. Dark wave is in. Minimal synth. Noise techno. But EBM and early industrial seem to be pushed to the periphery, existing more for nostalgic aging goths than cool young people like you and me. Youth Code seem like cool young people, though, and they employ sampled dialogue and clashing synths without sounding dated or cheesy. "Carried Mask," from their forthcoming debut album, is genuinely menacing, echoing the true sonic terrorism of Throbbing Gristle and its offshoots as opposed to the more poppy and less timeless bounce of, say, Nitzer Ebb. The screamed vocals and cluttered density of noise make "Carried Mask" viscerally exciting, and its production is heavy and crisp, allowing it to feel like a 2013 continuation of the Wax Trax aesthetic rather than a sad 2013 stab at reclaiming the past. - Ad Hoc

Night Sins

Emerging from the dark depths of Philadelphia’s aging architecture and addiction to vice comes the dark wave four piece Night Sins. Established in 2010 the haunting synths and pulsing bass of Night Sins create the perfect shadowy backdrop for Kyle Kimball’s vocal droning. The sound is reminiscent of 80′s minimal synth but with a contemporary avant approach.


Both scholars in separate performance fields, INTIMATCHINE derive from cardinal and mutable differences. Formed in 2008 by Los Angeles-based couple Chaz and Christopher Wormald, the band explores the predominantly guitar-driven techniques of shoe gaze and 80’s goth rock. INTIMATCHINE reminisce on the aggressive style of post-punk, but its intensity is drawn from the foregounding of effects and Chaz’s moody vocal narratives. They hone in on futuristic synths, exotic guitar melodies, and sample from a vast library of proto-industrial percussions. Vocalist, Chaz Rae, articulates in witty detail her intolerable anguish. Yet, the band explores these miseries in all it’s complexity, making for an interesting display of real and imaginary dramas. What makes INTIMATCHINE's work more interesting is its musical sophistication and the ritualistic significance it gives to the mundane. Be sure to check out their band page, featuring a relationship advice column and a video archive of girls crying on their webcams.

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