Signe Rustad

Signe Rustad

I´m a good girl, I love my mama. Not sure I love Jesus, but more or less confident I love America now that the cowboy has left town. Yes, I think I can say I´m a good girl. I´m not totally crazy about Elvis (although I do like him) and even though I´m a farmer´s daughter, I can´t say I love horses. I do, however, love my boyfriend very much.
And Tom Petty, of course.

After a good life near the forest,
I went off to the city to find what I was looking for.
To identify, to really try to find my self some hope.
Did I find it? Well, I found Gene Clark and that was good enough for me.

I´m a lonely rider. I ride alone. I´m a slow slider when I move a long.
You think you saw me, but it was just my shadow.
You think you know me, but you do not really know.

I am a listener.
I am a singer of my own songs.
I hope you are a listener too.


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