Sun Ghost

Despite the obscene unlikelihood of having done so, the four of us, traveling through space at different great and complex velocities, somehow converged together and continued to meet a couple times a week to make loud noises from several fandangled contraptions to correspond into some sort of organized form of sound over synchronized periods of time. We have captured the resulting audio of this phenomenon and present it to you on this compact disc.

former friends of young americans

Formed in 2008, Former Friends of Young Americans is an atmospheric pop rock band comprised of multi-instrumentalists Toby Fatzinger (guitars, keys, vocals), Jessica Kelley (keys, percussion, vocals), and Matt Townsend (guitars, keys, and percussion).

FFOYA released the "trail of dead-esque sex groove" single "Botero" at the end of 2011. The band's first full-length album, estas diluculo, was released to critical acclaim in April 2012. Described as "brilliant", "groundbreaking" and "eerily wonderful", the album -- a composition intended to be listened to in its entirety -- "ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, going from lighthearted to grave and back again." FFOYA is currently working on a new album, yet to be named, set for release in 2013, with an electronic EP due out in early 2014.

FFOYA's intelligent vocal harmonies, sweeping orchestral movements and layered noise build intricate and luscious dreamscapes against a pop backdrop. Fans of 80's innovators like Cocteau Twins or Jesus & Mary Chain would be moved by the band's broad sweeps and movements reminiscent of Brian Wilson. The influence of the slowcore or shoegaze genre (My Bloody Valentine to War Paint) on FFOYA is evident, though younger fans of the modern, mellow movement (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, The Books, Pinback, Sigur Ros) should certainly take note of this band's unique ability to cross genres, blending influences to create an atmospheric, ambient pop sound.

Constantly touring, the band will be on the road throughout the rest of 2012. Their riveting, high-energy performances boast few breaks as one song flows to the next and members switch between musical roles. Check out the tour schedule here and come back for new dates soon.

"Groundbreaking sounds that afford no contrived comparisons or genre specifications, this is simply brilliant music designed for a darkened room and an open mind."
Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine Issue 198. January 2012



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