Nicole DeFino

Nicole DeFino

Nicole doesn't sing to impress people with cute, trite, fabricated songs; she sings from the heart. Every song is sincere and loaded with emotion, and she really tries to make you feel where she's coming from. That's what music should be about. Inspiring yet with touches of subtle humor; Nicole's songs tell the stories of lost loves, people you'd do anything for, and perhaps just about anything else you could possibly think of. From Aliens to the end of the world, to impotent boyfriends and secret lovers. Complicated yet completely simple; these are the songs that you wish you wrote.

It starts with a heartbeat...

...and before you know it, you are witnessing the creation of an entire sonic body filling the room. Finally, out of this body comes a voice. This is Arielle. Combining a rich, soulful, beautifully controlled vocal with touching, honest lyrics beyond her years, this singer/songwriter is surely a star on the rise. An accomplished pianist and writer already, 22 year old Arielle brings a new generation to a classic style, using a loop station to build songs using only her own soulful, powerful vocals. One fan is quoted as saying, “Arielle’s live performance is out of this world, she turns her voice into a vocal arsenal, creating sounds that most people can only create in a studio." Another calls her the "love child of Carole King and John Legend". And fans aren’t the only ones taking notice. Arielle has been invited to take the stage with both singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and legend Rod Stewart live in concert. And this young artist is only just beginning. Anyone who sees her can most definitely agree --

Arielle is onto something big.

MC Elijah Black & (U)nity

MC Elijah Black(or simply E. Black) is a young emcee who presents complex stories and rhyme patterns. He has been influenced by artist such as MF DOOM, Mos Def, Homeboy Sandman, Common, and J Dilla. For the past 4 years E. Black has been performing around the New York Underground Hip Hop scene while gaining respect from his peers, as well as listeners, and recently being named as one of's Top 50 Underground Artists of 2012. Working with various producers from the UK, Russia, France,etc., Elijah has been able to combine his raw flow with soulful,yet powerful beats..

"MC Elijah Black music sounds like it’s heavily influenced by the godfather of hip-hop, Gil Scott Heron. The blend of spoken word poetry over complex instrumentals is refreshing, especially in an era when nearly everyone sounds the same."



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