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Phil Adé

In an era where rappers are hard-pressed over obtaining "cross-over appeal" and forcing out commercial hits, up and coming Hip-Hop artist Phil Adé has brought his easy-going subject matter and genuine flow to help lighten up the genre of Hip Hop.

Although Phil Adé proudly proclaims himself as one of the D.C., Maryland & Virginia area's own, he also has spent a better portion of his life in California, Alabama, and Florida. He says, "The 'Metro' area no matter what anyone says is my home. That's where my heart is, but being from more than one place is what makes me more of an interesting person as well as an artist. I make music for everybody."

Adé started making music in his spare time as a source of fun in his junior year of high school, writing the usual cliché raps that he heard on the radio everyday. After a couple years of recording and studying the creative abilities of other rap artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, and Lil' Wayne, Phil finally found his own artistic identity and with the encouragement of his closest friends started seeing his newly developed talent as a way to make a living...and so the grind begins.

Currently, Adé is under D.C. based independent Hip-Hop label 368 Music Group. So he has released 5 projects under 368 Music Group: Starting On JV, The Letterman, PhilAdeFriday1, A Different World, & PhilAdeFriday2. He is currently preparing for the release of his 6th project "R.O.S.E." (Result Of Society's Evil)

Shawn Chrystopher

"Every rapper that's actually good at what he does in an intellectual," says a laid back Shawn Chrystopher from his hotel room in NYC's Times Square. "Wayne is an intellectual, Jay of course is a intellectual, listen to the things he says its like "How'd you think of that?" Speaking with the tone of a man who's used to thinking things through, it's not hard to see which side of the line he falls o...n. But then again, a quick look into his past shows why that's never been the case.

Graduating high school at the age of sixteen and being offered a four and a half year scholarship to the University of Southern California, Shawn's future potential, much like his IQ, was truly sky high. But while his peers were still managing their acne, the Inglewood California native was fully focused on a future in music making, mastering five different instruments and building the writing, rapping and production skills that would make him a Hip-Hop All-star. "I was in school band from 7th grade to 12th grade," he quickly points out." So we learned music theory and all those things." Not one to be limited to the classroom, Shawn was also drawn to the production lessons taught by master musician Quincy, via his work with the King of pop. "When he'd do things for Michael Jackson, he would have instruments on different sides so if you listen on the headphones, the strings are on the left and the horns are on the right," he says with an excited grin. "Stuff that you may not pay attention to but I catch like "Yo that's crazy!"

Honing his production method, Shawn soon developed the sound that would catapult him into the spotlight. "I use those 808's that knock the speakers out, it has the substance of the Midwest with the instrumentation of the south," he says detailing his process. "I would describe it as the new west coast, real high energy and real passionate." With a signature sound and an introspective, melodic rap style influenced by the late great Tupac Shakur and Midwest marauders Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Shawn had all he needed to create his debut project, 2009's A City With No Seasons, which would go on to receive rave reviews from and

When it's all said and done, there is no substitute for the grind. A lesson Shawn got while promoting his project. "One thing I've learned is no one going to sell you if you can't sell yourself," he says of the work that would have him and his team on their computers for up to 14 hours a day in search of the next gig. "If you want these opportunities, you have to go out and get them." Thanks to his online presence (over 2.5 million views to date) Shawn became the star of his first ever tour that he'd built from the ground up with sponsorship by the artist-friendly website, MySpace. "People would be like "Who else is on the tour?" and I'd be like "just me," he says with a laugh.

Being a self-made man, people often wonder why he would bother entertaining offers from the majors that came calling after his March 2010 release The Audition EP scored over 35,000 downloads in its first week. But to those who would question him, he simply asks them to look at the bigger picture. "When a painter does a painting, he wants everyone to see it. So if I'm doing music I want everyone to hear it, and labels can put you on that main stage." When asked about the well-known pitfalls of signing to a machine, Shawn simply shrugs like a man expecting the question. "I know there are politics," he says earnestly. "But sometimes you have to swallow your pride for your art."

There are plenty of things that bother Shawn Chrystopher about the music business. The lack of true artist development by labels, the rush of one-hit wonders diluting the world of Hip-Hop, the reoccurring philosophies of money over art that overwhelm the radio station. But the one thought that ruffles the feathers of the artist who has crafted his every step toward success, is the assumption that true MC's are not thinking class musicians. "I think I try to be too intellectual when I don't have to be," he says shaking his head. "I do that purposely to separate myself, but I don't think that's anything extraordinary," he says with a proud smile. "I put it out there more, but we're all smart."

The self-proclaimed “clean-cut, young-face bul from the toilet” is a Philadelphia native who cruses through the realms of music genres, but has found a home with Hip Hop. He taps into the traditions of lyrics and Hip Hop while presenting the traits of a quality artist. Being in his early twenties, this young Philadelphian has seen a lot, but still is experiencing the world around him, and presenting those experiences through captivating song. The name “Bey” was given to him by his mother and is apart of his actual name; Amir Akram-Bey Richardson. Bey is also a name that is used by his close family and friends. When creating his music he hopes to establish that closeness with listeners, which is the reason why he goes by the name Bey.

DJ Sylo

Born in Takoma D.C. and transplanted to Takoma Park, Maryland, DJ SYLO (Thats me!) has always had a thing for music. After messing around with graffiti, breakdancing, and even freestyling (SEE ME), Sylo finally got his first pair of turntables. It's only been a little more than a year since then, but in that time, SYLO has rocked clubs like SAKI in DC, shut down house parties in Philly (North and South), and linked up with new artists like Kid Quo and Dannie Phantom. And he's not stopping now. So folks, either start listening now or get left in the dust.



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