White Fence

“I have cyclops vision now. But I’m not a giant. I changed my name and body only, and stabbed my social nous in the right ear. I still read fear but there are no police this year. I can repeat the same dream. I can let birds talk to me. I’m in jail. I have love and a whistle. I lay where the lotus lay and then spring the frozen flowers on any giving day. I apologize to those put in the trees, but I was gathering the Cyclops reap.

In the span of 4 1/2 years. I’ve lived in two different apartments and have used three different rooms during this time. All in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA, only a couple miles from one another. After the death of my father in 2008 I started writing and recording non-stop in these rooms. I can’t say it was directly because of that trauma, but I think deep down it might have much to do about it. This record was initially going to be a collection of the many songs trapped between the 4 White Fence LP’s. As I was putting that together, there were more coming. a better crop. I couldn’t stop. So, instead of a retrospective I said “Fuck It”. might as well use the most current songs of the bunch. For the exception of “Make Them Dinner At Our Shoes” which is from 2009.”

—Tim Presley, White Fence

Jonathan Rado

"While Jonathan Rado has been leading San Francisco's Foxygen for the last half decade, he's been making his own bedroom recordings since junior high. This September, he'll share some of that work with the release of his debut solo album, Law and Order, via Woodsist.

According to a press release, the album expands upon Foxygen's psych-pop, referencing the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince, and White Fence for a sound likened to if "the San Fernando Valley and the Lower East Side flirt over muddy coffee, get married over corned beef, and give birth to a Motown drum beat." But while Rado apes plenty of acts, the album 'champions simplicity, catchiness, and cranberry-plush playfulness, without ever maliciously satirizing the material of inspiration. Rado enters familiar musical forms and puppeteers caricature voices with the most appreciative irreverence and, stretching out on a big burlesque bed.'

As a first taste, Rado's released the album's lead single, 'Faces.' This go around, Rado's channeled the essences of Eric Burdon and Davey Jones, delivering a boyish croon with undertones of darker intent over a hodgepodge of '60s acoustic pop-rock and pseudo-psychedelic organ." --Consequence of Sound

"..Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Dead Stars, play melodic alt-rock and shoegaze straight from the early-‘90s—think Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur, Jr. Which means lots of hefty, hummable melodies and even more fuzz tones.." - FUSE.TV

"..glorious, guitar-driven slacker-rock.." - MTV HIVE

"..Epic swathes of crumpled guitar brilliance.." - MOJOPHENIA

"...Dead Stars have some immediately familiar sounds even on the first listen—Pixies' loud-soft-loud trademark, Built to Spill, Pavement and Hum when they decide to unleash the wall of guitars. Anyone claiming to be a fan of those bands should get this album today..."


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