The Thoughts In My Head: Art Reception

The Thoughts In My Head: Art Reception

"Finding an art show that’s accessible can be pretty challenging, but we think we’ve found one that captures the zeitgeist (and hopefully your attention) perfectly. The Thoughts in My Head, an art reception by artist and comedian Lisa Levy going on this Thursday at Littlefield, bridges the gap between extro- and intro- verts, navel-gazers and exhibitionists, by putting the familiar whirlwind of secret and semi-suppressed thoughts we all experience out there on display for the world to see. As a self-proclaimed psychotherapist, proud hamster owner on David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks and winner of a Hebrew National salami advertising contest, Levy’s thoughts should be good fodder for Instagram and Twitter if nothing else." —Victoria Romero,


Lisa Levy is a painter, conceptual artist, comedian and (self-proclaimed) psychotherapist.

Lisa’s visual are career started when she was 31/2 when she was sent to the children’s art school at MOMA. Before devoting herself full time to her art, she had a career as an art director in advertising. Her visual art has been widely exhibited including such places as The Bronx Museum, The New Museum, Schroeder and Romero NY, White Columns, Artists Space and a whole bunch of art fairs.

She also performs live; her most popular character is self-proclaimed psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa, who 
psychoanalyzes people on stage. Besides all sorts of audience volunteers and comedians, Lisa has had celebrity guests such as Joe Gordon-Levitt, Michael Musto, Eugene Mirman and Sara Schaefer. She has performed in countless venues, including The Brooklyn Museum, The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and Joe’s Pub.

Lisa’s had feature stories about her work in numerous places including, The New York Times: “A Shrink with Stage 
Presence..”; and The London Times, “Riotously Funny...”

In addition to making her own art, Lisa is always looking for different ways to use her creative skills. She once won a Hebrew National Salami advertising contest, besting 12,500 entries to win the top prize of $83,000. She also won an Absolut Vodka photography contest with a photo of the bottle done in a photo booth. And there’s the spot on David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks with her hamster that bowled—along with many other strange, random television appearances that she has orchestrated behind the scenes on The Today Show, Vh1, People’s Court etc., which can be seen at For more about Lisa’s work, go to Her work is available for purchase online through and Schroeder Romero Editions.


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