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Paraiso is a blues rock band from Staten Island New York. Founded by frontman Ricky Vega as a one man reggae act, he began gigging, playing acoustic shows around the island. Realizing that the solo route wasn’t nearly as loud and obnoxious as he would have liked it to be, Ricky began searching for full time band members. Peter was the first to join, and the most reluctant, being that he had only a small background in drums, and didn’t own his own set. Nevertheless, Ricky persuaded him to do something he was uncomfortable with (as is usually the case), and the two began their search for a bassist, finally finding a home with Joe Scarsella. Less than a year has passed since the final formation of the band, and now Pit, Jor, and Ralph have begun their ascent to rock and roll glory, and are asking anyone who digs soulful music to help them push!


Bodyface is a New York City, creep-rock band with balls. Due to the changing state of the recording industry, the members of Bodyface realized that the only way for them to gain recognition was to take some unconventional risks. In late 2008 Bodyface booked and planned their own European tour, taking them to such places as Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Italy, and England. The group set out in late 2009. The tour was an unqualified success. Due to the overwhelming exposure the tour generated, they caught the eye of up-and-coming director, Jonathan Felix. Mr. Felix helmed their newest music video, for the grunge/dance smash, "Water". Bodyface never sleeps - as soon as the boys returned from Europe, they immediately began principle recording for their first full-length album, Bias. The album is a dark, intense and brutal thing.


WE ARE CHAMELEON. Combining the likes of grunge, pop, electronic, and soul,Chameleon's sound offers a colorful bedding mixed with raw emotion. Flavored by catchy guitar licks, dance beats, and loud honest vocals, they have dived into the indie scene making a name by molding various genres together.

Based out of the heart of New York City, these two unique individuals, Chloe Lowery and Andrew Ross, have cultivated a style and sound they are proud to call "something different." Stemming from different backgrounds and genres, the basis of Chameleon was born. Their eclectic sound combines influences ranging from hard rock, electronic, pop, psychedelic, punk, grunge, and soul.

Chameleon was formed in the summer of 2011 and has been hard at work recording their debut record in between tours with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Joining forces with underground producer and beat master extraordinaire Doctor Robert, Chameleon has honed their sound into a distinct collaborative effort that is undoubtedly their own.
In just a short amount of time, Chameleon has gained a large following in the New York City area playing all the popular music venues and often playing residencies at such
places like Arlene's Grocery.

The Band:

CHLOE LOWERY is a power house singer who's vocal talent is something to witness. She is also a cowriter, arranger, and producer of Chameleon.

ANDREW ROSS is a multi instrumentalist, writer, producer, and vocalist who has reached above and beyond to create an array of sounds driving from his love of classic heavy metal and prog.

In the studio and on the stage, CHAMELEON collaborates with various artists such as Gabe Marshall (drums), Aurelien Budynek (guitar/prod/mix), Caitlin Moe (violin), Jane
Mangini (piano), Eric Cooper (cello), Angus Clark (guitar), Justin Surdyn (trumpet), Lena Lien (sax), Asha Mevlana (violin), and Natalya Rose Piette (bgv vocals and writer).

Chameleon is excited for their 2013 debut!


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