Keef Mountain

A two piece bringing the smoke filled fury.

We were kicking it hard one day and though it would be in our best interests if we jammed. We jammed, wrote songs, Jake almost died, awoke from a coma, relearned the songs, and now here we are. Smoke a couple.


Formed in winter of 2010/2011 as a 3 piece with two guitarists and a drummer.
Recorded our self titled cassette in winter of 2011 in a cold, disgusting basement where nothing was sacred and no one was safe.
Also contributed the track "Serpent Slayer" to the Troost DIY Comp, a collection of tracks by Kansas City's DIY artists, put out by XO Press.
Performed as a 2-piece from Sept 2012 to the end of the year.
Currently adding a bassist, and writing our 2-song Parabellum EP,
to be self released Spring of 2013 on cassette.

$5.00 - $7.00


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