Drew Black and The Dirty Electric

Drew Black and The Dirty Electric

Drew Black and Dirty Electric takes a dark, sensual approach to its music, intense and raw. The three-piece group is the brainchild of Drew Black (formerly of The Belated), who wrote and released his solo album Wanderlust in early 2012. Soon after, Black enlisted bassist Terra Peal (The Quivers) and drummer Michelle Bacon (Deco Auto, Dolls on Fire) to add ferociousness and immediacy to his songs. The music stimulates and drives, in the same way that Queens of the Stone Age propels through each song. At the same time, songs are tinged with a Bowie-esque sexuality from Black's lyrical delivery, the sparing guitar licks, and abrupt but compelling rhythmic patterns.

Aotearoa's Jake Lerman and Ilan Gitter cut their teeth on the back roads and highways of New Zealand's primeval terrain. Rooted in the urban tangle of Chicago, the raw island elements ignited the passions of these two vagabonding minstrels, forging a duo of funk-rock nomads. Abandoning the alluvial plains and saw-toothed mountains of the south pacific, the pair of multi-instrumentalists now perpetually tour the four-lane veins of the United States.
With a sound and show steeped in The Talking Heads, James Brown, Fela Kuti and Parliament Funkadelic, Aotearoa uses live looping to thicken a set already heavy with jungle-funk percussion. A steady rotation of instruments between the four hands and feet of the band keep a never wilting flower of funk in full bloom.

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