What I've Become

What I've Become

What I've Become is a heavy alternative rock band out of the Kansas City area. The band is a two piece consisting of: lead vocalist and guitarist Craig Young, and drummer and vocalist Erich Azbill
Craig Young comes from a solo artist background, and Erich Azbill comes from a hard rock background. But when the two come together, they create a large and heavy sound with deep and strong lyrics; which ends up being very different from much of what is coming out of the Kansas City music scene.
Though, they have had a relatively short existence as a band, they were named the featured artist at Club 906's Songwriters Scene in July of 2012. Since then, they have played a number of small venues in and around the Kansas City area, playing venues like the Riot Room and The Granada. They’ve opened for such bands like Smile Empty Soul and Red Line Chemistry.

Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand is a three piece band hailing from the Denver, CO front range area.

Band Members Include:
Anthony Rodriguez: Guitar • Lead Vocals
Chris Lopez: Bass
Trev Stuckey: Drums • Back Up Vocals

Influences range from classic rock bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd , and Black Sabbath, to modern rock and metal bands such as Nirvana, Pantera, The Deftones, and Suicidal Tendencies.
Its their unique and memorable originals that set these guys apart....

Their eclectic taste for rock music has helped to bring an original, universal rock/metal sound to their audience that can appeal to just about anyone.
This team can also produce some rippin cover tunes. They have a spectrum of different songs in their arsenal, ranging from Chuck Barry, Bill Haily and David Alan Coe, to Sublime, Foo Fighters, and Anthrax.



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