Terraplane Sun

Terraplane Sun

Hailing from Venice, California, TERRAPLANE SUN is comprised of frontman Ben Rothbard, guitarist Johnny Zambetti, bassist Cecil Campanaro, keyboardist Gabe Feenberg and drummer Lyle Riddle.

Self-described as "blues indie rock folk dance soul," TERRAPLANE SUN blends all of that and more into a rootsy rock cocktail that defies any specific era. While their music occasionally evokes stylings of THE BLACK KEYS or PHOENIX, they're not married to any trend or scene. It's what happens when four-fifths of your lineup is born and bred in SoCal, pulling together just the right recipe of shared and disparate influences. Frontman Rothbard explains, "I wanted to make this a very classic, somewhat vintage-based band, where all the tones were kind of timeless, and let the songs do their thing."

The band recently went into the studio with producer Dave Trumfio (MY MORNING JACKET, WILCO) to record their new five song EP entitled, Ya Never Know. The band looks forward to hitting the road with the new songs…giving and receiving the special energy that comes only in the concert environment. Their intense and intimate live show is just as impressive headlining clubs as it is opening for the likes of ALABAMA SHAKES or IMAGINE DRAGONS.

LA Times writes, "The Venice psych/blues rocker puts on one of the most intense live shows in the city's local scene. It pulls from the riffage of Zeppelin and the hippy-dippy vibes of their neighborhood, but with enough California pop sunshine to make it go down easy."


OrangeKids is an anthemic indie pop rock group which formed in the spring of 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. OrangeKids is Aaron Grubbs (vocals, guitar), Tim Tran (vocals, bass), Richard Badillo (drums), Andrew Grubbs (guitar), and Mark Scaramuzzo (piano, guitar, backing vocals). OrangeKids features a catalogue of classically structured pop songs, emphasized by huge vocal harmonies, vibrant guitars, pulsating drums, and singing pianos. Portrayed through intrinsic lyrical themes, OrangeKids hopes to unify people through love and music by delivering messages of peace and oneness. OrangeKids recorded their debut full-length album Suporma in Mesa, Arizona with Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Recordings. The album will drop early 2013.

The band name comes from Orange Kid, a character from the town Twoson (get it, Tucson?) in the Super Nintendo game Earthbound. OrangeKids' titled its debut album Suporma in reference to an item that can be acquired from Orange Kid. Just as Orange Kid pleads, OrangeKids asks that the "Super Orange Machine" or "Suporma" for short only be used "for spreading peace and goodwill on Earth."

The members of OrangeKids recognize many parallels between
themselves and Orange Kid from Earthbound. Like Orange Kid,
OrangeKids’ members are "happy-go-lucky" people who hope to "have a tremendous impact on all mankind." OrangeKids’ members firmly believe that real peace can be achieved on a global scale if universal perspective truly changes. As intelligent beings, it is everyone’s responsibility to promote this mindset and ultimately save the planet from the evil Giygas.

Ocean Void

Ocean Void is a 4 piece band comprised of Vocalist Taylor Plecity, Guitarist Elias Gibbens, Bassist Nick Cashman, and Drummer Max Kanefield, known for their melodic and atmospheric sounds, as well as their more upbeat bass riffs and clever use of effects and feedback. Imagine the sound of a dreamchime craching into a traintruck, multiplied a bunch of times. Does that make sense? No? That's because describing a unique sound with nothing but written words and nothing to compare it to is impossible, or at the very least hard and i'm tired of trying. We'd love to demonstrate though! Come see us at one of our shows!

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