Set between ancient forest and the forest-green waters of Puget Sound at the very edge of
the continental US, Anacortes, Washington, population 17,000 sees a lot come and go.
Ferries docked here delivers thousands of itinerant hippies, millionaires, and sightseers to
farms and mansions dotting the remote San Juan Islands while Navy bombers and
helicopters based nearby perform ear-splitting flyovers. Through all the coming and going,
the local DIY community remains remarkably consistent and strong; an expression of
defiant, end-of-the-line creativity. From that community come The Lonely Forest, a rock
band of four Anacortes natives with no intention of leaving.
From the outset The Lonely Forest —singer/guitarist/keyboardist John Van Deusen,
guitarist Tony Ruland, drummer Braydn Krueger, and bassist Eric Sturgeon— has been
about inclusion. In 2005, a raucous garage session inspired the guys (Braydn, Tony, and
Eric) to join forces with Van Deusen’s piano-pop. The newly formed entity, now
called The Lonely Forest, played their first show while two band members were still in
high school (the other two having recently graduated). Since that show, The Lonely Forest
have racked up miles; steadily becoming heroes of the Northwest all-ages scene through
relentless gigging around the region. From their first show at the Department of Safety,
center of Anacortes’ all-ages DIY scene, to their high-profile appearance at Bumbershoot
2009, a sold-out concert at the Showbox in Seattle last fall and a coveted spot on 2010’s
Sasquatch Festival, the accolades for The Lonely Forest have grown along with their
As grows their fanbase, The Lonely Forest 's music is continually expanding and
evolving. At its core, the music features Van Deusen's soaring vocals and keyboard
melodies wrapped tightly around Ruland's expansive guitar anchored by a heavy yet
nimble rhythm section. The contrast of brilliant pop songs featuring lyrics about spiritual
longing wedded to an almost prog-rock sensibility appeals to broad swath of listeners, from
wide-eyed teenagers to jaded scenesters. As always, inclusion is important to these guys!
The Lonely Forest will continue their steady climb to prominence from modest Northwest
roots with the March 22nd release of their new album, Arrows, for Chris Walla's label
imprint, Trans Records. Walla, guitarist and producer for Grammy-nominated rock band
Death Cab for Cutie, made The Lonely Forest his first signing when he launched Trans
with the support of Death Cab for Cutie’s major label home, Atlantic Records. Trans and
The Lonely Forest will be released through ILG, Warner Music Group’s Independent Label
Group. In addition to his role as label head, Walla produced and mixed Arrows at Sound
City studio in Los Angeles, Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and his own, Portland-based
studio, Alberta Court. He also mixed three tracks - “Be Everything,” “Turn Off This Song”
and “Live There.” The rest of the album was mixed by John Goodmanson (Girls, Nada
Surf, Owl City).


Her & Gold is Maria Sais de Sicilia, Blake Kimball and Tony Robles.

It was formed in 2011 as a solo project of Maria's with Blake playing lead guitar. Tony Robles joined the band on drums the following year.

"Carousel" was released in Dec. 2012 on iTunes and Bandcamp. It was recorded in Atlanta, GA with Producer Matt Malpass. "I was able to have complete freedom throughout this entire process, I've been wanting to write & produce my own album for as long as I can even remember and I'm really proud of how it all came out. Lyrically I wanted it to be personal to me, but also something people could relate to in some way. Musically I wanted to be able to feel it in my chest, I've always played acoustic and I wanted it to be more electric, more with samples and beats but with ambient like vocals. I have a lot of musical influences, some of them being Death Cab, Radiohead, Rilo Kiley, Sucré. I try to make the music that I love to listen to.
I named this project Her & Gold because I wanted 'Gold' to stand for everything that is love in my life, everything beautiful and meaningful to me. The music I listen to, things that influence me and impact my life in a good way, that's the gold. Also because my last name is Sais de Sicilia and Her & Gold is easier to pronounce."

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