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Rival Mob

Drawn up by some of the most unsavory souls in the Boston, MA underground hardcore scene and reinforced by members who have done time in infamous area bands like Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, Xfilesx and many others, The Rival Mob has become darlings of the current hardcore scene, inspiring shameless violence and playing high on the bill at the most important hardcore festivals in America: This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, Sound And Fury in California and Chaos In Tejas In Austin, Texas.

Not only are their live appearances a hot commodity, but the merch lines at their shows draw more attention than the opening bands, often selling out of shirts and music in mere minutes, and all of their out-of-print vinyl releases on some of the most respected labels (Triple B, Lockin' Out, and Six Feet Under) fetch outrageous sums at online auctions and are in constant demand.

In between serving time with their current other projects World War 4, Give, No Tolerance and Boston Strangler, the band will be playing on both coasts highlighted once again by the big summer festivals as well as their first-ever trip across the Atlantic to Europe.

The band's Revelation Records debut picks up right where their previous EP, "Hardcore For Hardcore," left off, with vocalist Brendan Radigan spewing venom at the ills that plague both the outside world and the scene itself, all delivered over fast, stagedive-inspiring hardcore that brings to mind the best of mid-late '80s New York hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Warzone and Breakdown.

As exclaimed by Radigan on stage at 2012's This Is Hardcore fest, "People say winter is coming. Motherfucker, Mob Justice is what's coming!"

Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor has spent close to half a decade proving that a once unnoticed group from south of Boston could become a force in the hardcore, punk and metal worlds. Those who chose to doubt Death Before Dishonor have had no choice but to notice and acknowledge their diehard work ethic, relentless touring and unwavering belief in their band. Playing an average of 250 shows per year since 2005, and 2008 looking to be their busiest and best year, it's inescapable-Death Before Dishonor is staking their claim in an elite group of bands in the history of hardcore.

Death Before Dishonor's humble beginnings started to rise with the release of Friends Family Forever, a seven song EP and their first release on Bridge Nine Records. Soon after, they supported it with non-stop international touring with Agnostic Front, Champion, Full Blown Chaos, and Terror. Making believers one show at a time, DBD logged almost a year and a half straight on the road before Bridge Nine was forced to release an expanded edition of Friends Family Forever as a full-length just so the band could have something new to sell.

In 2007, the release of Count Me In established Death Before Dishonor on a whole new level. Their penchant for diverse songwriting in a genre often pegged for repitition, Count Me In was praised-often by press who admittedly didn't expect it, with Punknews saying "it's impossible to not get caught up in their level of intensity." If that wasn't enough, by debuting on Billboard's Heatseekers, Independent Albums & Top New Artists charts and staying there for four weeks, DBD proved that the kids are listening. Their video for "Break Through It All" was in rotation on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball for over three months, and yet, people were still passing by Death Before Dishonor. DBD headlined tours nationwide and ended 2007 on the coveted Persistence Tour in Europe-headlined by Hatebreed, Agnostic Front & Ignite, and they haven't stopped.

2008 has shown DBD supporting Count Me In all over the world including Australia, Europe, Great Britain, Mexico and Canada as well as the United States. This year proves to be the busiest for DBD and they show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Everything Went Black

Everything Went Black plays a concise, sophisticated brand of fast and heavy aggressive music drawing influence from the likes of the Hope Conspiracy, Black Flag and Entombed, while still maintaining a sound that is very much its own. Since the band's formation in the spring of 2009, it has self released an EP, a 7" on Hands Up! Records, a split with Louisville, KY hardcore outfit Rattletooth on St. Louis based label I Hate Punk Rock Records, and a full length on Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic Records, home of artists such as Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, and The Acacia Strain.

Everything Went Black have shared the stage with Converge, Have Heart, Black Breath and more. In 2012 Everything Went Black hit the road to support their full length Cycles Of Light. Playing festivals such as SXSW, The Rumble, and supporting metallic hardcore legends Ringworm on the way to and from Chaos In Tejas. Everything Went Black are currently working on their second full length due out in 2013.

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