White Car, Vereker, Group Rhoda, Ash Williams & Alex Cruse

White Car

Group Rhoda

"San Francisco's Group Rhoda is pop in the same way that Kate Bush is pop: perfectly. Gorgeously enunciated vocals over deceptively simple but giddy arrangements: check. "Concrete Jungle" takes what sounds like the end of a run-out groove and turns it into a rolling heartbeat; in comes some foggy hiss, a simple keyboard melody over subdued synth chords. Group Rhoda foregrounds her vocals as much as Fever Ray masks them behind demonic layers of sound; they are beautifully clear, naked, precise. This is folk abducted from Newport, dragged through cold wave, and left in a mist-filled scrapyard for once commoditized and slightly damaged electronics." --20 Jazz Funk Greats

Ash Williams

ASH WILLIAMS (DJ - Disco Horror, SF)
Local DJ and producer with a penchant for balearic techno and deep house sounds born from analogue circuitry. Having made his live debut earlier thissummer, he continues to balance production with his passion for playing records. Ash most recently played to packed floors at Le Pompon and Le Social Club in Paris and is excited to celebrate his return by picking up where he left off with The Chase, his latest venture in bringing new and exciting dance music to San Francisco.



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