Hannah vs. The Many, Mancie, The Split

Hannah vs. The Many

Hannah vs. The Many consists of Brooklyn singer/songwriter/antiheroine Hannah Fairchild and some of the more musically inclined members of her beloved urban family.

Hannah originally moved to New York City expecting to find work and meaning in the city's seedy underground indie musical theater community, which, as it turns out, doesn't actually exist. After two years of being rejected by every possible elementary school tour, Hannah said "fuck this" and started writing her own material.

Her lyrics are rooted in her musical theater background, with acerbic, rapid-fire observations that reflect her childhood obsession with Stephen Sondheim. Musically, she bends genres at will, blending influences from Kate Bush to The Replacements to Leslie Gore. Hannah's songs tell stories of heartbreak, hook-ups, drunken victories, narrow escapes, and all the other "pretty little tragedies" that come with being young and broke in the greatest city in the world.

Hannah recorded her first album Paper Kingdoms alone in her apartment, while recovering from a broken ankle and a long string of terrible choices (they know who they are). Weary of belting solo, Hannah began gathering some talented and like-minded friends and playing with them at venues around the city. Her second album, All Our Heroes Drank Here recorded at Brooklyn's Royal Drag Studios, was released January 17th, 2012.

Mancie is a garage rock band led by Andrea Montgomery. Based in Williamsburg, they've enthusiastically been called "The Runaways meet Black Sabbath" at a recent show on the up-and-coming New York concert circuit, and the comparison is clear when they bring their gritty distorted guitar parts and emotionally-driven rock sound to the stage.

The Split

We were two, then became three, and now we are four.

$8.00 - $10.00


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